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DIAmond Sessions

Conversations on Today’s Priorities!

Thought-provoking, worldwide issues will be deconstructed by acclaimed panelists representing multiple stakeholders from around the world in this growing ecosystem of life sciences. DIAmonds represent rare opportunities to listen to open conversations on controversial topics such as owning health data, innovation in global health, and international regulatory collaboration.

  • Monday, 15 March

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 1 - Health Emergency Preparedness

    The DIAmond session will illustrate the European Network’s Health Emergency Preparedness, experience so far under various health crises including COVID-19, lessons learned and how to improve the system. Hear from the European Medicines Agency, the European Commission, national competent authorities, ECDC and WHO.

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 2 - Updates from WHO

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 3 - What does Good Look Like? Shaping the Environment to Manage Antimicrobial Resistance and Promote Sustainable Development of Anti-infectives and Vaccines

    Antimicrobial resistance is a major public health concern with increasing urgency; no stakeholder or policymaker alone can solve it. To take stock of the various initiatives and discuss collaborative efforts, the session gathers leaders from different stakeholder groups to identify the synergies between the EMA RSS, European Regulators’ Network Strategy, Pharmaceutical Strategy and ICMRA to create a sustainable environment for antimicrobials, anti-infectives and vaccines.

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 4 - Big Data Force

    The report of the HMA-EMA joint Big Data Task Force was published on 20 January 2020 and made 10 big bold recommendations. So what happens next? Here the recommendations are reviewed and key stakeholders share their views on how we move from recommendations to action for ‘evolving data-driven regulation’.

  • Tuesday, 16 March

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 5 - European Medicines Agencies Regulatory Network Strategy to 2025

    This DIAmond session will illustrate the European Medicines Agencies Network Strategy 2025 and debate how this strategy aims at addressing challenges and creating opportunities for health care systems. Hear from the EMA and HMA on the creation, consultation and planned implementation of the European Medicines Agencies Network Strategy 2025 and gain insights on the perspective of stakeholders including patient representatives, healthcare professionals and industry.

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 6 - Key Lessons Learned from COVID-19 for the Future of Pharmaceutical Policy

    The COVID-19 outbreak in Europe has catalysed some long-standing issues in the functioning of pharmaceutical policy as well as medicines supply . The policy areas which need a further revision will be discussed during the session.

    DIAmond SessionsEU Regulatory Town Hall: Is the European Framework Agile Enough?

    The European Regulatory Town Hall will debate challenges and opportunities the European regulatory landscape is facing under COVID-19. Is the framework agile enough? How is the system addressing rapid advances in science and technology in the context of COVID-19 and how is it adapting to further enable research and development in Europe. Hear from the European Commission, the European Medicines Agency, patient representatives, EFPIA and an SME, academia, health care professionals and national competent authorities.

  • Wednesday, 17 March

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 7 - Various Facets of Patient Voice, Role and Involvement in Medicines Lifecyles Pathways

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 8 - Medicines Shortages Changing the Paradigm from Mitigation to Prevention

    Shortages of medicines are a challenge that all health systems and countries face.  Successful management of medicines shortages requires collaboration between regulators, industry, healthcare professionals and patients.  This session explores how collaboration work best, and what the opportunities are to move from mitigation to prevention?

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 9 - Future of Research: Pharmaceutical Science, Innovation and Social Policy

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 10 - COVID-19, an opportunity to step up international collaboration

    COVID-19 pandemic followed closely the Nitrosamines crisis (emerging in 2018), affected multiples countries and regions, and required intensive international collaboration. We look back at what went well and what can be improved.

  • Thursday, 18 March

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 11 - ICH E17 Guideline on Multi-Regional Clinical Trials: A Catalyst for Simultaneous Global Development and Registration

    Explore the current situation with regards to implementation of ICH E17 guideline on MRCT, from regulatory authority and industry point of view. What are the key barriers to full use of the guideline internationally and how can these be addressed?

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 12 - EUnetHTA Town Hall

  • Friday, 19 March

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 13 - The Use of Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning in Pharmacovigilance

    Panel Session to enable discussion of critical issues in adoption of novel technology for pharmacovigilance, including input from opinion leaders from the US and EU from both regulators and industry

    DIAmond Sessions DIAmond 14 - EMA 2030 and beyond - How should the EMA of the Future look like - Stakeholder Expectations

    The Pharmaceutical Strategy will lead to non-legislative and legislative measures of the Pharma Acquis. To contribute to this discussion, the session is intended to collect bold visions of different stakeholders for "EMA 2030 and beyond".

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