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Mandatory use of ISO/ICH E2B(R3) Individual Case Safety Reporting in the EU: Hands-on Training Course using the EudraVigilance System

Virtual live training course including EMA required knowledge evaluation, on how to report, view and download ICSRs using the EudraVigilance system and principles of EVDAS.


  • Vojtech  Kvita

    Vojtech Kvita

    • Executve Director
    • NextPV Services , Czech Republic

    Vojtech is a qualified expert in drug safety and pharmacovigilance with extensive experience gained through working on different positions across all PV areas. The wide exposure to global clients (both sponsors and MAHs) has helped him to gain a comprehensive overview of critical PV processes and systems. Vojtech’s main expertise is advance pharmacovigilance consulting, EU QPPV activities, signal management, ICSR management, EudraVigilance support, XEVMPD/ISO IDMP, PV auditing and medical writing.

  • Calin A. Lungu, MD

    Calin A. Lungu, MD

    • CEO
    • Drug Development Consulting Services S.A. (DDCS), Luxembourg

    Dr. Lungu has more than 30 years’ experience in drug development, clinical research, Pharmacovigilance and quality assurance. He conducted almost 150 Pharmacovigilance quality system audits in more than 40 countries around the globe. Apart of audits, he is a dedicated trainer of the official EMA EudraVigilance training programme and led more than 300 offerings since 2004.

  • Isabella  Palagiano

    Isabella Palagiano

    • Deputy QPPV/LCPPV, PVCS Line Manager
    • PVpharm, Spain

    Isabella Palagiano graduated from Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna with a master’s in Pharmacy&Pharmaceutical Industry. She is a PV professional with more than 5 years of experience on different positions across pharmacovigilance, with the main focus on ICSR Management, SPOR, EudraVigilance and XEVMPD set-up and maintenance, Deputy EU/UK QPPV activities, Local Contact Person for Pharmacovigilance, PSMF maintenance, audits/inspections and project management in post-marketing and clinical trials. From the beginning of her career, she has been involved in the maintenance of the XEVMPD and EudraVigilance operations for both Sponsors and MAHs.

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