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DIA Electronic Product Information Workshop

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  • Yoichi  Ishikawa, RPh

    Yoichi Ishikawa, RPh

    • Professor, Department of Pediatric Medication
    • Meiji Pharmaceutical University, Japan

    Present Position:Professor, Department of Pediatric Medication, Meiji Pharmaceutical University, Tokyo, Japan. Relevant Previous Positions:Director,department of pharmacy, National Center for Child Health and Development. Association:Japanese Society of Hospital Pharmacists , Tokyo Metropolitan Society of Health System Pharmacists etc. Academic Society:The Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Japanese Society of Chemotherapy, The Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences, The Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases etc. Award:Showa Kamijou medical award 2017.

  • Rie  Matsui, RPh

    Rie Matsui, RPh

    • Senior Director, Regional Labeling Head for APAC
    • Pfizer, Japan

    Rie Matsui is Senior Director, Regional Labeling Head for APAC, International Labeling Group(ILG), Global Regulatory Affairs, Pfizer Japan. She is also the Head, External Engagements for ILG. She is the founder of Asia Labeling Hub at Pfizer that has created various local label updates for more than 25 countries in Asia. She was a member of the Advisory Council of DIA Japan until 2020 and won the DIA Japan regional award in 2015. She has been actively involved in a number of conferences in Japan, China, Singapore, and the U.S., both as a session chair and speaker. Her papers were published in scientific journals such as Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science. She is the vice chair of the 2021 DIA Japan Annual Meeting Program Committee.

  • Manabu  Inoue

    Manabu Inoue

    • Associate Director, PV IT/Data management, Japan Pharmacovigilance
    • MSD K.K., Japan

    Dr. Madoka Inoue is a reviewer of Office of Medical Devices? at Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) apointed to current position in 2017. Dr. Inoue mainly reviews orthopaedic, plastic and dermatological devices. Dr. Inoue is a member of the patient participation working group in PMDA. Dr. Inoue graduated Okayama Univercity Medical School in 2006 and worked as a orthopaedic surgeon for over 10 years. Her field of expertise is orthopaedic trauma.

  • Rei  Maeda

    Rei Maeda

    • Global Patient Safety and Solutions
    • Eli Lilly Japan K.K., Japan

    Mr. Rei Maeda is currently a contractor of Eli Lilly Japan., working for Global Patient Safety and Solution. Mr. Maeda has around 20 years' each experience both in pharmaceutical development area and postmarketing safety area. Recently he has been focusing on Safety Risk Management matters including postmarketing real world data/evidence utiliztion both from each product and from regulation point of view. Mr. Maeda has some roles i.e., PhRMA Japan Safety leader, a member of FPMAJ safety working teams, and a member of AMED RMP investigation group. Mr. Maeda graduated from Kyoto Phrmaceutical University and has a licence of pharmacisit. Also he is a recipient of the "DIA Excellence in Service Award 2018".

  • Yuji  Ohne

    Yuji Ohne

    • Pharmacutical Officer, PMS management supervisor, Head of Pharmacovigilance Dept
    • SymBio Pharmaceuticals Limited, Japan

  • Mai  Okamoto

    Mai Okamoto

    • Office of Safety I
    • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Japan

    Dr. Mai Okamoto is a reviewer, Risk Communication Promotion Division, Office of Informatics and Management for Safety at Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) since 2019. She is responsible for consideration and implementation of measures to promote the utilization of risk communication tools, and management of package insert posting system. Prior to her current position, she was assigned to Safety Information Division, Office of Safety I, responsible for receiving ADR reports from healethcare professional and patients since she joined PMDA in 2013. She holds PhD in pharmaceutical science.

  • Katsumi  Tanaka

    Katsumi Tanaka

    • Showa University Koto Toyosu Hospital, Japan

  • Deborah  Bebbington

    Deborah Bebbington

    • Vice President, Head of Global Labeling
    • Bayer Plc, United Kingdom

    Deborah has been working in the Pharmaceutical Industry for over 25 years. She began her career in Research before moving into Regulatory Affairs. During her tenure at Bayer Deborah worked in the UK affiliate, as an EU liaison, set up a new global RA department focussing on the RA support for Mature products and headed the International RA department before moving to her current position 9 years ago. She is currently VP and Head of Global Labeling at Bayer.

  • Koichi  Fujinuma

    Koichi Fujinuma

    • Director, Office of Healthcare Policy
    • Cabinet Secretariat, Japan

  • Masayuki  Muraoka

    Masayuki Muraoka

    • Deputy Director, Pharmaceutical Safety and Environmental
    • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan

    Mr. Masayuki Muraoka is Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Safety Division,Pharmaceutical Safety and Environmental Health Bureau at Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. In this position, Mr. Muraoka was the central person behind the amendment to the Act on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Products Including Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. Mr. Muraoka is currently promoting Digital transformation in medical industries for the purpose of improving the safe use of medicines. Mr. Muraoka holds Bachelor of Law from Kyoto University, and has over 10 years’ experience in Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

  • Hideto   Yokoi

    Hideto Yokoi

    • Professor, Department of Medical Informatics
    • Kagawa University Hospital, Japan

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