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1st Patient Engagement Webinar

Collaboration in drug development that transcends the boundaries of industry, government, academia, and patients


  • Atsushi  Kitamura, MS

    Atsushi Kitamura, MS

    • Clinical Study Innovation Lead, Clinical Operations
    • Pfizer R&D Japan, Japan

    Mr. Atsushi Kitamura is Clinical Study Innovation Lead at Pfizer R&D Japan. He is responsible for leading "Patient Engegament", "New ways of clinical trial (Such as DCT)", and "Site Insight activities" at Pfizer R&D Japan. Mr Kitamura has more than 25 years'experience in the pharmaceutical and CRO industries. Mr Kitamura is leading patient related activities across pharmaceutical companies including TransCelerate patient experience worksteram, and DIA patient engegement community.

  • Eri  Sekine

    Eri Sekine

    • Department Head, Trial Monitoring, Japan Development, Global Development Ops.
    • Novartis Pharma K.K., Japan

    Eri Sekine is Regional Head of Trial Monitoring Japan for Novartis Pharma K.K. In this position, Ms. Sekine is responsible for study management and site monitoring of clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance conducted in Japan. Ms. Sekine has worked for more than three decades in the pharmaceutical industry, in positions responsible for biostatistics, statistical programming, data management, project management, training, and other operational areas. She received the DIA Japan Outstanding Service Award in 2012.

  • Mika  Ikeda

    Mika Ikeda

    • Manager, Global Project Management Department
    • Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited, Japan

  • Keiko  Katsui, PhD

    Keiko Katsui, PhD

    • Deputy Director / AMED Program Officer, Divison of Biobank
    • Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED), Japan

    Dr. Keiko Katsui is a Deputy Manager at Department of Research Infrastructure, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED). As a member of Group for Research and Analysis, Dr. Katsui is responsible for the survey of patient and public involvement (PPI) in clinical research. Dr. Katsui makes a special study of Biomedical Ethics, Japanese History of Medicine and Pedagogy. Dr. Katsui holds a PhD in Medicine from Juntendo University in 2017, MA in Education from the University of Tokyo in 2009, and is also the recipient of the 17th Academic Encouragement Prize of Japanese Society for the History of Medicine in 2011.

  • Yukiko  Nishimura, PhD, MSc

    Yukiko Nishimura, PhD, MSc

    • President
    • NPO ASrid, Japan

    Yukiko Nishimura is President of NPO ASrid. Yukiko has worked with patients/patients’ families and stakeholders in the rare and intractable diseases and orphan drug field for over 10 years. She has been a Vice Chair of PACC, IRDiRC since 2017, and a Secretary of ICORD since 2010. Yukiko previously worked as a Chief Secretariat of International Relations, Japan Patients Association, as an Assistant Professor of Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, Visiting Lecturer at the Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Science, Kyoto University, and as a technical consultant at MEXT. Yukiko obtained her BSc and MSc from Meiji University. She also graduated from University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science.

  • Naomi  Sakurai

    Naomi Sakurai

    • Representative Director
    • Canser Solutions, Co., LTD., Japan

    I was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2004, when I was in my 30’s, AYA generation. I subsequently utilized my personal experience with cancer and my social skills to start up a support-group. We are currently focusing our efforts on enlightening people and spreading awareness about survivorship. Since then, I have continued my activities, appealing for an independent livelihood and self-supporting lifestyle for patients living with the disease and their families.

  • Junko  Sato, PhD

    Junko Sato, PhD

    • Director, Office of International Programs
    • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Japan

    Dr. Sato joined the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) in 1998, and she is currently the Office Director for the Office of International Programs. She has work experiences in new drug review for 11 yrs, risk management for 3 yrs, and international area for 6 yrs. She also worked in U.S. FDA as a guest reviewer from 2002-2003, and in EMA as the Japan Liaison Officer from 2012-2014. She is actively involved in many academic societies, and contribute them as counselor, committee member, and a board member.

  • Hiroki  Takeda

    Hiroki Takeda

    • Executive Director
    • Japan Chronic Diseases Self-Management Association, Japan

    Hiroki is Executive Director of Japan Chronic Disease Self-Management Association (J-CDSMA). He lives with hemophilia and was infected with HIV via the administration of unheated blood products (during the “HIV-tainted blood scandal”). After graduating from Waseda University School of Social Sciences, he has worked for the J-CDSMA since its establishment in 2005, and in 2007 he completed the Chronic Disease Self-Management Master Training at Stanford Patient Education Research Center. He is currently serving as a Board Member for the Social Welfare Corporation Habataki Welfare Project, an Auditor for the Japanese Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (JaNP+), and a Steering Committee Member of the Society of Intractable Disease Centers.

  • Atsushi  Tsukamoto, PhD, MSc

    Atsushi Tsukamoto, PhD, MSc

    • Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited, Japan

    Atsushi is VP of New Drug Regulatory Affairs (RA) at Daiichi Sankyo. He is also Head of Specialty Medicine RA in R&D division, to lead gobal specialty medicine regulatory strategies. As Head of Japan New Drug RA, he is responsible for leading new drug RA activities for all projects (RA strategy & operation). He has been global project manager for nearly 20 years (in JPN & US) and the head of PM office in Daiichi Sankyo Japan for 3 years. He has been an active volunteer to both DIA global and Japan, playing session chair roles in global annual meeting more than 10 times, and was the vice-chair for 13th DIA Japan Annnual Meeting 2016. He holds PhD in Drug Development from Kitasato Univ and is the receipent of DIA outstanding award in 2014.

  • Nobuko  Ushirozawa, RN

    Nobuko Ushirozawa, RN

    • Assiist Chief, Research Admin. Div.
    • National Cancer Center, Japan

    Nobuko Ushirozawa, RN, has run, and also managed research clinical trials, for two decades. She also has the experience of promoting clinical trials at the national level, when she was seconded to serve as the assistant director of the Office of Clinical Trial Promotion at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. She currently also administers clinical reseach at the National Cancer Center of Japan, as assistant chief of the Research Administration Section, Center for Research Administration and Support, and as head of the Clinical Trial Administration Section, to which she is doubly appointed to.

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