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With remarkable achievements in healthcare and pharmaceutical innovation, Asia has developed rapidly and the region is a major engine of global economic growth. This year, DIA CoRE Singapore Annual Meeting aims to showcase recent trends in innovation launched in Asia or therapeutics focused on disease prevalent in this region. Asia will impact the R&D landscape and global pharmaceutical, while regulatory developments and the quality of partnerships plays an important role on how the industry grows. Come join us and be a part of discussion to explore the steps required for Asia to be at the forefront of the healthcare evolution.

Featured topics

  • Landscape of Healthcare in Asia
  • APAC initiated Global Clinical Trials
  • Integrated Healthcare Solutions
  • ASEAN as a hub for Clinical Trials
  • Cell and Gene Therapies
  • ASEAN Townhall


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Learning objectives

  • Hear the perspectives of key healthcare leaders in Asia Pacific
  • Receive updates on new technology adoption in revolutionizing drug development and healthcare.
  • Understand the regulations on innovative products.
  • Hear the perspectives from regulators, patients, and industry on adopting innovative technology in healthcare.
  • Receive updates on regulatory processes, policies, innovative drug review pathways, software regulations and adoption of virtual inspections.
  • Learn about hot topics in regulatory science

Program Committee

  • Finny  Liu, MSc, RPh
    Finny Liu, MSc, RPh APAC Regional Regulatory Policy Lead
    Roche, Singapore
  • James  Leong, PhD, MPharm
    James Leong, PhD, MPharm Head,Health Products & Regulatory Science Centre of Regulatory Excellence (CoRE)
    Duke NUS Medical School, Singapore
  • Audrey  Ooi, MSc
    Audrey Ooi, MSc Head- Business Development
    Clinical Research Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Helene  Sou
    Helene Sou Director, Growth and Emerging Markets
    Takeda, Singapore
  • Jack  Wong
    Jack Wong Founder
    ARPA (Asia Regulatory Professionals Association) , Singapore
  • Sannie S Foong Chong, PhD
    Sannie S Foong Chong, PhD Senior Director, Global Regulatory Policy
    MSD International, Singapore
  • Senthil  Sockalingam
    Senthil Sockalingam M.D, Head of IQVIA Biotech, JAPAC, Chief Medical Officer, IQVIA, APAC
    IQVIA, United States
  • Thean Soo  Lo
    Thean Soo Lo
    Regulatory Affairs Management Consultant, Singapore
  • Vicky  Hsu
    Vicky Hsu Senior Vice President, Head of Project Leadership and Biotech Operations Asia
  • Martin  Lim, MBA, MS
    Martin Lim, MBA, MS Clinical Lead, APAC
    NNIT, Singapore
  • Shun  Jin, MBA
    Shun Jin, MBA Head, Regulatory Affairs, APMA
    Sandoz Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Pte., Ltd., Singapore
  • Jing Ping  Yeo, PhD
    Jing Ping Yeo, PhD Vice President- Asia Pacific head
    Cytel International , Singapore
  • Kum Cheun  Wong, PharmD
    Kum Cheun Wong, PharmD Head Asia Pacific Regulatory & Development Policy
    Novartis Asia Pacific Pharmaceuticals Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • Fengyun(Vicky)  Han
    Fengyun(Vicky) Han Senior Director, Head of Regulatory Policy for Asia Pacific
    Johnson & Johnson Pte. Ltd., Singapore
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