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November 10-11: Conference

In a market that is constantly adapting and adjusting to the needs of the healthcare field, real-world evidence (RWE) is increasingly becoming important for regulatory and reimbursement decision-making. RWE, in relation to the real-world data that is collected in combination with the advancement of artificial intelligence-based analytics platforms, has led to the real-time analysis of data to better understand and gain insights on disease, approaches to treatment, and how to substantiate coverage decisions. Historically used for post-market safety monitoring, RWE is now becoming integrated throughout the product development lifecycle. DIA’s Real-World Evidence Conference will explore new and innovative applications of RWE and deliver cutting-edge insights through successful use cases, case examples, and practical applications on how stakeholders are leveraging RWE to advance healthcare knowledge and decision-making.

As we work on the 2022 agenda, please take a moment to review the 2021 Program.

Social distancing measures may be in place at the time of the event. Therefore, we encourage you to register and make your housing arrangements early due to potential limited capacity. Don’t miss out on your chance to meet live again with your friends and colleagues!

DIA Your Way! This in-person event is vaccine-required.

Who should attend?

Professionals involved in:
  • Academia
  • Clinical Research
  • Data analytics
  • Epidemiology
  • Policy
  • Real-World Evidence
  • Real-World Data
  • Regulatory Science
  • Technology development

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:
  • Explain how RWE is being used today to inform biopharmaceutical development across the product lifecycle
  • Discuss “lessons learned” from current uses of RWE by regulators, and how they can be applied for other future applications of RWE
  • Recognize general considerations and key features of successful RWE studies acceptable to the regulators for effective decision-making
  • Identify guidance and best practices for generating fit-for-purpose RWE for payers and HTA bodies
  • Define the expanding applications of RWE to support clinical trials and evidence generation
  • Evaluate the future applications of RWE in drug development
  • Appraise how mobile technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies are being used to generate RWE
  • Evaluate how patient reported outcomes, electronic health records, and other patient data is expanding the resources for RWE

Program Committee

  • Brian  Bradbury, PhD, MA
    Brian Bradbury, PhD, MA Vice President, Center for Observational Research
    Amgen, United States
  • John  Concato, MD, MPH, MS
    John Concato, MD, MPH, MS Associate Director for Real-World Evidence Analytics, OMP, CDER
    FDA, United States
  • Simon  Dagenais, PhD, MSc
    Simon Dagenais, PhD, MSc Senior Director, Real-World Evidence
    Pfizer Inc, United States
  • Marni  Hall, PhD, MPH
    Marni Hall, PhD, MPH Vice President, Clinical Evidence
    IQVIA, United States
  • Brad  Jordan, PhD
    Brad Jordan, PhD Senior Director, Head of Regulatory Affairs Policy
    Flatiron Health, United States
  • Nirosha  Lederer, PhD, MS
    Nirosha Lederer, PhD, MS Head, US Government Partnerships; Senior Director, RWE Strategy
    Aetion, United States
  • Yun  Lu, PhD, MS
    Yun Lu, PhD, MS Mathematical Statistician, Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, CBER
    FDA, United States
  • Jingyu (Julia)  Luan, PhD
    Jingyu (Julia) Luan, PhD Senior Director, Global Regulatory Affairs, BioPharmaceuticals R&D
    AstraZeneca, United States
  • David  Martin, MD, MPH
    David Martin, MD, MPH Vice President, Clinical Safety and Risk Management
    Moderna, United States
  • Delphine  Saragoussi, MD, MSc
    Delphine Saragoussi, MD, MSc Executive Director, Real-World Evidence
    Evidera, France
  • Mark  Stewart, PhD
    Mark Stewart, PhD Vice President, Science Policy
    Friends of Cancer Research, United States
  • Representative Invited
    Representative Invited DIA, United States
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