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Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum

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Session 6 Track 1: Digital Innovation in the Communication of Scientific Information: An Ongoing Conversation

Session Chair(s)

Marie-Ange  Noue, PhD

Marie-Ange Noue, PhD

  • Senior Director, Head of Scientific Communications
  • EMD Serono, Canada
This is an ongoing conversation about digital innovation in the provision of medical information. During this session, panelists will discuss current trends, insights, experiences, and challenges related to the adoption of innovative technologies to disseminate scientific content in a novel, inclusive, and compliant manner.
Learning Objective :
  • Explain the importance of removing barriers and embedding sustainable and inclusive practices to improve accessibility to digital medical information
  • Discuss innovations and trends in communicating scientific data
  • Describe what is new in AI and automation
  • Identify opportunities that regulatory considerations create in the use of digital innovation AI


Joanna  Rizos, MBA, RPh

Writing for Accessibility - Medical Information in the Digital Age

Joanna Rizos, MBA, RPh

  • Associate Director, Medical Affairs
  • Eli Lilly Canada Inc., Canada
John  Jones, MBA

Innovative Ways to Communicate Data to External Stakeholders (outside of the traditional SRDs) and Data Visualization as a Way to Drive Engagement During Customer Interaction

John Jones, MBA

  • Technology Director
  • PhactMI, United States
Sandeep  Gantotti

Trends, Insights, and Challenges in the Provision of Digital Medical Information: Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Sandeep Gantotti

  • Associate Vice President, Enterprise Medical Solutions
  • Indegene Pvt Ltd, India
Darshan  Kulkarni, JD, PharmD, MS

Legal/Regulatory Considerations When Adopting Innovative Digital Tools

Darshan Kulkarni, JD, PharmD, MS

  • Principal Attorney
  • The Kulkarni Law Firm, United States