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DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting

Advanced Clinical Innovation Theater: Decentralized Clinical Trials: The Wave of the Future

Session Chair(s)

  Advanced Clinical

Advanced Clinical

  • United States
The impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials has been substantial. For example, travel bans and site closures have forced a rapid shift in the running of physical clinical investigative sites toward purely virtual environments. While the concept of virtual clinical trials has been around for a number of years, the decision to actually run a trial has remained somewhat optional. Now, sponsors are now finding themselves forced into either fully virtualized trials and/or hybrid trials, out of necessity. However, there are silver linings – especially when it comes to the potential for adapting quickly to unforeseen situations like remaining efficient and profitable amidst a pandemic. We will explore how the required adoption of virtual recruiting, telemedicine, remote monitoring and at-home healthcare visits have taught us valuable lessons about how to run more agile and adaptive trials; and how these learnings will shape the future of R&D.
Learning Objective : Describe how COVID-19 has impacted trial operations across the globe; Discuss how trial sites have adapted through the use of virtual trial elements; Identify the challenges both sponsors and CROs have faced in this process - and how to overcome them.


Graham  Belgrave

Graham Belgrave

  • Senior Vice Presiident, European Operations
  • Advanced Clinical, United Kingdom
Domantas  Gurevicius, MHS

Domantas Gurevicius, MHS

  • Sr. Director, Clinical Monitoring
  • Advanced Clinical, United States