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DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting

Pediatric Engagement in Research: Young People Have a Voice

Session Chair(s)

Elisa  Koppelman, MPH

Elisa Koppelman, MPH

  • Program Manager
  • MRCT Center, United States
The importance of pediatric patient and parent (or guardian) engagement and input in all aspects of clinical research and product development is increasingly recognized, although not consistently practiced, particularly in pediatric research. This forum will discuss why it is critical to get decision makers (industry sponsors, IRBs/ethics committees, regulatory agencies, patient community) to buy in to the concept; who is involved in the data collection via exploration of the qualitative methodologies that explicitly and systemically gather data to build "representativeness" into the process; include exploration of what constitutes sufficiency of evidence; and how to gather data creatively and effectively by sharing practical considerations for patient and parent or guardian and sponsor interaction.
Learning Objective : Discuss the ways IRBs, ethics committees and regulators currently view/utilize patient/family input; Describe approaches for enhanced incorporation of the patient/family perspective into the lifecycle of product development.


Albert  Allen, MD, PhD, MSc


Albert Allen, MD, PhD, MSc

  • Consultant
  • A. J. Allen Pediatric Drug Development Consulting, United States
Gianna  McMillan, PhD


Gianna McMillan, PhD

  • Bioethics Institute, Associate Director
  • Loyola Marymount University, United States
Nathalie  Bere, MPH


Nathalie Bere, MPH

  • Patient Engagement
  • European Medicines Agency, Netherlands
Jennifer Denise Preston


Jennifer Denise Preston

  • Senior Patient and Public Involvement Manager, Dept of Women & Children's Health
  • University of Liverpool, United Kingdom