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In a changing and expanding world, this is still the only forum designed for QPPVs by QPPVs, now in its 14th year and still going strong.

The QPPV Forum focuses on international QPs’ role and gives a high-level approach to the discussed topics and continues to identify key trends requiring QPPV awareness, input and oversight. This year’s objectives are built on past successes and have been shaped by valuable feedback provided by participants of the past thirteen meetings, plus many years of QPPV and Regulator interaction at this Forum. Moreover, we are looking forward to receiving information and discuss pragmatic approaches on the modern technology and how this will impact the QPPV Role.

This year we will be focusing more on scanning the horizon and check the opportunities and considerations for QPPV role regarding AI, with the hope to demystify AI for QPPV.

Over time, one of the key successes of the Forum has been the ability to secure the continuing support and involvement of key regulators. Sessions have been open and interactive with attendees appreciating opportunities to raise challenging issues in an informal environment. The 14th QPPV Forum continues this successful approach.

Featured topics

• The changing role of QPPVs
• Modern Technology and AI in Pharmacovigilance: opportunities and considerations for QPPVs
• Business Partners Oversight
• Inspections and Audits
• The QPPV Role in Manufacturing and Quality Issues
• Signal Management
• Measuring Effectiveness of aRMM


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Who should attend?

• Global QPPVs/ Deputies
• Regulators
• Pharmacovigilance Consultants
• Directors of Pharmacovigilance Oversight and Standards
• Drug Safety Managers/Leaders
• Auditors
• Medical and Regulatory Affairs Experts
• Aspiring PV Specialists/QPPVs

Learning objectives

• Hear the latest updates and hot topics relating to the role of the QPPV
• Explore long term PV visions, future directions of the ‘PV world’, and potential impact on the role of the QPPV
• Network with colleagues and meet regulators
• Learn from and share experience and ideas with like-minded QPPVs in a neutral environment
• Better understand regulatory and inspectorate expectations globally
• Examine current challenges and share potential solutions

Program Committee

  • Vicki  Edwards, RPh
    Vicki Edwards, RPh Vice President, Pharmacovigilance Excellence and International QPPV
    AbbVie, United Kingdom
  • Willemijn  van der Spuij, MSc
    Willemijn van der Spuij, MSc Executive Director, WorldWide Patient Safety International, Europe
    Bristol Myers Squibb, Switzerland
  • Shahinaz  Badr
    Shahinaz Badr Pharmacovigilance Consultant and PVQA Auditor - EMEA
    Pharma Quality Europe, United Arab Emirates
  • Peter  De Veene, MD
    Peter De Veene, MD EU QPPV
    Incyte, Belgium
  • Gemma  Jimenez Sese
    Gemma Jimenez Sese Patient Safety Director, EU QPPV
    Almirall, S.A., Spain
  • Maarten  Lagendijk, MSc
    Maarten Lagendijk, MSc Deputy EU QPPV
    MSD, Netherlands
  • Elspeth  McIntosh, MBA, RN
    Elspeth McIntosh, MBA, RN Director
    Castle Pharmacovigilance Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Mette  Stockner, MD
    Mette Stockner, MD Senior Pharmacovigilance Director
    Savara ApS, Denmark
  • Doris Irene Stenver, MD, MPA
    Doris Irene Stenver, MD, MPA Independent Pharmacovigilance Adviser
    Unique Advice, Denmark
  • Katarzyna  Swiderek, MPharm, RPh
    Katarzyna Swiderek, MPharm, RPh Director, Safety Evaluation Risk Management (SERM)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Poland
  • Kiernan  Trevett, MSc
    Kiernan Trevett, MSc Principal Quality Lead, PDQ Quality Assurance Process GVP
    Roche, United Kingdom
  • Nicolas  Tsiakkas, MD
    Nicolas Tsiakkas, MD Scientific Director
    Medwork Pharma Research & Consulting, Greece
  • Angela  Van Der Salm, PhD, MSc
    Angela Van Der Salm, PhD, MSc Director PV, Managing partner
    DADA Consultancy B.V., Netherlands
  • Magnus  Ysander, MD
    Magnus Ysander, MD EU & UK QPPV & Head Pharmacovigilance Excellence
    AstraZeneca, Sweden
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