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Biosimilars Conference

Session 6: Growing Clinical Use and Experience: What Can be Learned From Key International Initiatives?

Session Chair(s)

Julie  Marechal-Jamil, MSc

Julie Marechal-Jamil, MSc

  • Director, Biosimilar Policy & Science
  • Medicines For Europe, Belgium
Jian  Wang, MD, PhD

Jian Wang, MD, PhD

  • Division Manager, Clinical Review Division – Heamatology/Oncology
  • Health Canada, Canada
Biosimilar medicines have been available globally for nearly 14 years. As they entered various regions and countries, policy makers, healthcare community stakeholders have devised different ways to introduce these medicines in the medical practice, grow the use of biosimilar medicines and enhance care for patients. The experience and confidence in biosimilar medicines keeps expanding, yet at different pace and rate depending on geographies. In this session, 3 initiatives (from outside the U.S.) supporting biosimilar uptake and clinical use will be presented followed by a discussion on the learnings, including key principles and key enablers.
Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
  • Share concrete examples of conducive biosimilar policy measures
  • Inspire creative approaches to deliver broad healthcare benefits from biosimilar use
  • Emulate experience sharing as driver towards policy implementation


Scott  Gavura, MBA, RPh

The pan-Canadian Oncology Biosimilar Initiative: Building Confidence Through Engagement and Education

Scott Gavura, MBA, RPh

  • Director of Provincial Drug Reimbursement Programs
  • Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario), Canada
Blake  Dark

UK Lessons Learned from Multi-Winner Tenders

Blake Dark

  • Commercial Medicines Director
  • NHS, England, United Kingdom
Etienne  Nedellec, PharmD, MSc

France National Health Strategy and Biosimilar Pilot Sharing Scheme

Etienne Nedellec, PharmD, MSc

  • French National Health Care Directorate
  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, France