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Biosimilars Conference

Session 5: What Will Biosimilars Look Like in Five Years?

Session Chair(s)

Anna  Welch, MA

Anna Welch, MA

  • Chief Editor, Biosimilar Development
  • Life Science Connect, United States
As biosimilar stakeholders evaluate the appropriate metrics of success for the current wave of products, it’s important to consider how the industry’s market dynamics may shift in the future. Looking ahead, there are several critical questions to consider, including:
  • Which company models will be best suited for the future market, and why?
  • What types of products will be chosen as future biosimilar development candidates?
  • What development challenges will these products pose for companies?
  • How will companies strive to differentiate their biosimilar products or development process?
This session will visualize what the future biosimilar industry may look like. In doing so, stakeholders will better understand the challenges that must be addressed today to arrive at a sustainable and productive future.
Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
  • Evaluate the next wave of the biosimilar pipeline and the opportunities/challenges it will pose for the industry
  • Understand best business practices (i.e., product selection and differentiation strategies) that can be employed to remain in the biosimilar market long-term
  • Evaluate novel manufacturing and outsourcing strategies to reduce COGs


Murray  Aitken, MBA


Murray Aitken, MBA

  • Executive Direcotr
  • IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science, United States
Michiel  Ultee, PhD, MS


Michiel Ultee, PhD, MS

  • Principal
  • Ulteemit Bioconsulting, United States
Alexandra  Moulson, MBA, MS


Alexandra Moulson, MBA, MS

  • VP Strategy, Programs and Portfolio
  • Polpharma Biologics, Poland
George  I'ons


George I'ons

  • Head of Product Strategy & Insights
  • Owen Mumford, Ltd, United Kingdom