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The Advancing Patient Science Workshop will reflect and discuss how to better incorporate patients’ input and contribution throughout the medicines lifecycle.
Firstly, we will reflect on how to Advance Patient Centricity, starting with a discussion on how to build Patient centric Clinical Trials to maximize adoption, followed by how to create a true Patient-focused label in the future and which are the main challenges to making this a reality.
Next, we will briefly reflect on how to Advance Patient Safety, and the importance of Digital Platforms to achieve this and for enhancing HCP to Patient Dialogue.

Finally, the last day will be dedicated to Patient-reported outcomes (PROs). With the increasing awareness of their importance, PROs have recently been the subject of many discussions, particularly on what concerns its definition, collection, usage and inclusion in regulatory decision making. However, many questions prevail and are in need of further discussion: How to best integrate them in Regulatory decision making? What are currently the main challenges with PROs and how to best integrate them in clinical practice?

On this Workshop, we will gather the view of different stakeholders on the different subjects and further discuss how can we effectively advance Patient Science.

Featured topics

  • Value and Future of PROs in Clinical Trials
  • Patient Centric Clinical Trials
  • PROs in Regulatory Decision Making
  • EMA, FDA and EUnetHTA perspective on PROs
  • Adoption of PROs in Clinical Practice
  • Patient-focused label for the future
  • Advancing Patient Safety through Digital Platforms

Who should attend?

Professionals who are involved in/with:

  • Clinical Development
  • Clinical Trial Design
  • Data Sharing and Usage
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Science
  • Decentralised Clinical Trials
  • Regulatory Decision Making
  • Regulatory Science
  • Regulatory Innovation
  • Study Design
  • Development Programme Managers
  • Patient Engagement
  • Patient Advocacy

Program Committee

  • Sara  Torgal, MPharm
    Sara Torgal, MPharm Senior Manager, Scientific Programs
    DIA, Switzerland
  • Thomas  Morel, DrSc
    Thomas Morel, DrSc Director, Patient-Centred Outcomes Research
    UCB Biopharma, Belgium
  • Thomas  Metcalfe, MBA
    Thomas Metcalfe, MBA Data Policy Leader, Personalised Healthcare
    F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Switzerland
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