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Regulatory Science Forum

Session 5: Stakeholder & Patient Engagement

Session Chair(s)

Marjon  Pasmooij, PhD

Marjon Pasmooij, PhD

  • Science Programme Manager
  • Medicines Evaluation Board, Netherlands
Session 5: Stakeholder & Patient Engagement


Sharon L Gorman

Patient Involvement in Regulatory Procedures and Impact on Regulatory Decision Making

Sharon L Gorman

  • Pfizer, Inc., United Kingdom
Robbe  Saesen

Views of European Drug Development Stakeholders on Treatment Optimization and Its Potential for Use in Decision-Making

Robbe Saesen

  • PhD Researcher
  • KU Leuven, Belgium
Elisabeth  Bakker

Stakeholder Perspectives on Implementing Precision Medicine in Diabetic Kidney Disease

Elisabeth Bakker

  • PhD Student, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  • University Medical Centre Groningen, Netherlands
Thyra  de Jongh

Study to support the evaluation of the EU Orphan Regulation

Thyra de Jongh

  • Principal Consultant
  • Technopolis Group, Netherlands

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