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Digital Technology in Clinical Trials

This event is now offered in a new entirely virtual format.

Session 2 Track 1: Using Technology to Enhance Patient Engagement

Session Chair(s)

Julie  Dietrich, MS

Julie Dietrich, MS

  • Vice President, Clinical Operations
  • Genfit Corp, United States
Are you a clinical researcher looking to better connect and communicate with patients? We’ll explore how technology can enable effective engagement between sponsors/CROs and patients at various stages of clinical development. This engagement can lead to clinical studies that are well-designed, better support participants, enroll faster, and provide more complete data that are meaningful to patients.
Learning Objective :
  • Define patient engagement and why it is critical to success in clinical development
  • Identify opportunities for technology to support patient engagement during clinical study design, planning, start-up, conduct, closeout, and reporting
  • Describe the strengths and limitations of at least 3 technology solutions to engage with patients
  • Consider a plan for how you will explore a potential solution to better engage with patients


Melissa  Dupont

Benefits and Methods for Successful Patient and Vendor Engagement During Deployment of Technology in Clinical Trials

Melissa Dupont

  • Patient Network Manager
  • Sanofi, United States
Carol  Roberts

Clinical Trials in PBC: Educating and Connecting Our Members

Carol Roberts

  • Vice President
  • Pbcers Organization, United States
James  Riddle, MS

How to Integrate the Participant’s Perspective into Your Research; and, Still Get Along with Your IRB

James Riddle, MS

  • Vice President, Research Services and Strategic Consulting
  • Advarra, United States
Betsy  Williams, PhD, MS


Betsy Williams, PhD, MS

  • Director, Scientific Services, Patient Centered Endpoints
  • IQVIA, United States
Elizabeth  Esterl, DrSc, MSN, RN


Elizabeth Esterl, DrSc, MSN, RN

  • VP Operations and Research
  • Clinone, Inc., United States