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The 23rd DIA Japan Annual Workshop for Clinical Data Management

Special Session: Core Competency of Data Manager for Enjoying Changes and Adventures in the Next Generation

Session Chair(s)

Tempei  Miyaji, MSc

Tempei Miyaji, MSc

  • Project Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Trial Data Management
  • The University of Tokyo, Japan
Mika  Ogasawara

Mika Ogasawara

  • Quality Lead, Biometrics and Data Management
  • Pfizer R&D Japan, Japan


Zozus  Meredith

Clinical Data Management Competencies for 2020 and Beyond: Results from the SCDM Job Analysis Survey

Zozus Meredith

  • University of Texas System, United States
Munenori  Takata, MD, PhD

Analysis of Professional Competencies for the Clinical Data Management Profession in Japan -Questionnaire Surveys for Evaluating Functional Performance of Clinical Data Managers-

Munenori Takata, MD, PhD

  • Clinical Data Center
  • Tohoku University Hospital, Japan