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Medical Information and Communications Conference and Exhibition

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Session Chair(s)

Monica  Rojo Abril

Monica Rojo Abril

  • Medical Information Officer
  • Gruenenthal Pharma S.A., Spain
There is no better way to improve than to learn from other’s experience and to incorporate their knowledge into our daily practice. That is why “Putting theory into practice” is one of the most anticipated sessions at the DIA Medical Information & Communications conference.This year, we will hear our speakers sharing about RWE communication related to unauthorized information, and analyzing what knowledge can be drawn from actual regulatory inspections with medical information in their scope. They will also deepen the improvement of communications of MedInfo services with health professionals, taking advantage of the most modern technologies to meet their information needs. Without forgetting, of course, the importance of optimizing central/subsidiary communications about Medical Information insigths and metrics, all to achieve the objective of increasing customer satisfaction and, ultimately, the final benefit of patients. This is a great opportunity for all attendees to be inspired and develop new ideas, debating with the community and contributing their point of view.


Joao  Barbosa, MBA, MPharm

MICS; A Lean 6 sigma approach for improving communication between a centralized organization and multiple affiliates

Joao Barbosa, MBA, MPharm

  • Medical Information Manager Europe
  • Eli Lilly, Ireland
Caroline  Verhestraeten, MPharm

A medical information survey: how to optimize the communication towards HCPs in a digital world?

Caroline Verhestraeten, MPharm

  • Medical Information
  • Novartis, Belgium
Amina  Baljic, MSc

Communication around Real World Assessment of Off Label Use and Label Revisions

Amina Baljic, MSc

  • Head PV Ops
  • Grünenthal GmbH, Germany
Vinod  Koshy, MPharm, RPh

Regulatory Inspections: Real world experience

Vinod Koshy, MPharm, RPh

  • Head of Medical Information and Promotional Compliance
  • Aspen Pharmacare, Ireland
Eva  Loew, PharmD

We Need to be Where Our Customers Are…. WhatsApp as new additional and up-to-date Medical Information Contact Channel

Eva Loew, PharmD

  • Head Medical Information
  • Novartis Pharma GmbH, Germany

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