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DIA/FDA Oligonucleotide-Based Therapeutics Conference

Session 7: Hot Topics

Session Chair(s)

Arthur A. Levin, PhD

Arthur A. Levin, PhD

  • Executive Vice President, Research and Development
  • Avidity Biosciences , United States
The hot topics session is designed to provide the attendees with a glimpse at future oligonucleotide therapeutics. This session is a chance to see how the field is developing and what kind of novel approaches or applications are being studied in academia and industry. With this early look at these approaches, it is hoped that the audience can envision the promise of new technologies and have a preview of the kind of challenges these technologies will face or pose to the current regulatory environment.


Robert  Ward


Robert Ward

  • Chairman and CEO
  • Eloxx Pharmaceuticals, United States
Jennifer  Panagoulias, RAC

Experience with FDA’s Complex Innovative Design (CID) Pilot

Jennifer Panagoulias, RAC

  • Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
  • WAVE Life Sciences, United States
Charles R Allerson, PhD

Charles R Allerson, PhD

  • VP of Chemistry and Drug Development
  • DTx Pharma, Inc., United States
Chantal  Ferguson

Potent siRNA Silencing in the Brain

Chantal Ferguson

  • MD/PhD Candidate
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School, United States
Daniele  Merico

Daniele Merico

  • Director of Molecular Genetics
  • Deep Genomics Inc., Canada