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Global Clinical Trials Transparency Conference

Session 6: Clinical Trial Results Summaries for Laypersons

Session Chair(s)

Rebecca  Williams, PharmD, MPH

Rebecca Williams, PharmD, MPH

  • Acting Director,, NCBI
  • National Library of Medicine, NIH, United States
There has been recent progress towards making the results of clinical trials available in a format and language that can be readily understood by the general public. This session will cover the patient experience and expectations for summaries, the EU expert group recommendations on summaries of clinical trial results for laypersons, and experience with returning results to research participants.


Lisa  Chamberlain-James, PhD

Writing Lay Summaries - a Survivor’s Guide

Lisa Chamberlain-James, PhD

  • Senior Partner
  • Trilogy Writing & Consulting, United Kingdom
Deborah E. Collyar

Patient Expectations for Results Summaries

Deborah E. Collyar

  • President
  • Patient Advocates In Research (PAIR), United States
Rikke  Gøbel

Returning Research Results To Participants

Rikke Gøbel

  • Senior Medical Writer
  • Novo Nordisk, Denmark
Ann  Olling, MS

Returning Research Results To Participants

Ann Olling, MS

  • Principal Medical Writer
  • Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark