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Global Clinical Trials Transparency Conference

Session 2: Sharing and Using Deidentified Individual Participant Data (IPD)

Session Chair(s)

Rebecca  Williams, PharmD, MPH

Rebecca Williams, PharmD, MPH

  • Acting Director,, NCBI
  • National Library of Medicine, NIH, United States
Learn how data repositories such as Vivli and are advancing access to IPD for research purposes and how specific companies are using this resource to support their own disclosure policies. This session will also include a case study describing how academic researchers are using IPD to address questions intended to have clinical impact. Specific features of these data sharing platforms, as well as issues in using IPD will be described.


Benjamin  Rotz, RPh

Sponsors/Funders Providing Access to IPD through

Benjamin Rotz, RPh

  • Senior Advisor Global Medical Strategy and Operations
  • Eli Lilly and Company, United States
Rebecca  Li, PhD

Vivli – A global data sharing platform

Rebecca Li, PhD

  • Vivli Center for Global Clinical Research Data, United States
Sarah  Nevitt

Sarah Nevitt

  • Department of Biostatistics
  • University of Liverpool, United Kingdom