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Advancing the Science of Study Endpoints

Session 2: How Does “Patient Centricity” and Endpoint Evaluation Align or Differ?

Session Chair(s)

Michael  Lees, MA

Michael Lees, MA

  • Chief Operating Officer and Head of Market Access Strategy
  • PHMR Ltd, United Kingdom
This session will describe, from the perspective of patient representatives and endpoint experts, the definition of study endpoints and a common understanding of patient centricity when applied to study endpoints. This common understanding of different perspectives will then be used to discuss and agree on how the development of study endpoints can truly take a patient-centric approach – and what this means for decision-makers. The session will close with a discussion on likely future requirements for study endpoints from each of the payers included.
Learning Objective : Upon completion of this session, participant should be able to:
  • Define endpoint evaluation from the perspective of those who develop these outcomes
  • Describe patient centricity from the perspective of a patient advocate/representative and summarize potential implications for study endpoint design
  • Justify the need to take a patient-centric approach in the development of study endpoints and identify the implications for decision-makers using study endpoints


Cynthia  Grossman, PhD

Patient-Centricity: Practice, Endpoints, and Outcomes

Cynthia Grossman, PhD

  • Director, Science of Patient Input
  • FasterCures, A Center of the Milken Institute, United States
Chad  Gwaltney, PhD

Including Patient Experiences in the Development of Study Endpoints

Chad Gwaltney, PhD

  • President
  • Gwaltney Consulting, United States
Philip  Posner, PhD

What is Patient-Centricity?

Philip Posner, PhD

  • Retired Academic
  • Patient Representative, United States

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