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DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

The DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting brings together thousands of innovators from around the globe.

How to De-Risk Alliances for Success

    Session Chair(s)
      Candice  Hughes, PhD, MBA

      Candice Hughes, PhD, MBA

      • CEO/Founder
      • Hughes BioPharma Advisers LLC, United States
    A significant number of partnerships fail. By going beyond standard practices to de-risk for success pre- and post-partnering, firms can avoid reduced revenue, elevated costs and brand damage due to failed alliances and partnerships. This session will include how to make a go or no go decision plus engagement on an ongoing basis, including periodic checks on milestones and soft targets such as engagement level, communication effectiveness, and others.
    Learning Objective : State at least three common causes of partnership failure; Explain hard and soft (such as cultural) due diligence; Describe at least three activities or strategies a sponsor or vendor may use to de-risk a partnership/alliance.
      Jessica  Dero, PMP

      De-Risking Alliances, The Sponsor Perspective: Transforming Expectations and Implementing Innovations for Joint Oversight

      Jessica Dero, PMP

      • Vendor Strategy
      • Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, United States
      Candice  Hughes, PhD, MBA

      The Vendor Perspective on De-Risking Partnerships for Shared Success

      Candice Hughes, PhD, MBA

      • CEO/Founder
      • Hughes BioPharma Advisers LLC, United States
      Alison  Schecter, MD, FACC

      Sponsor Perspective

      Alison Schecter, MD, FACC

      • Global Project Head, Rare Disease
      • Sanofi-Genzyme, United States