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Novel and Innovative Clinical Trial Designs: From Adaptive/Seamless Designs to the Trial of the Future

Session Chair(s)

Mireille  Muller, DrSc, PhD, MSc

Mireille Muller, DrSc, PhD, MSc

  • Regulatory Policy & Intelligence Director
  • Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland
Multiple trial design options are required to increase efficiency in clinical trial conduct in increasingly complex conditions and smaller populations while maintaining scientific value and data quality to meet the wants of all stakeholders.
Learning Objective : i) identify and discuss the problems, also ethical and economical, related to phase II planning; ii) evaluate if the techniques adopted for planning phase II are correct, in order to collect enough information to plan the subsequent, eventual, phase III; iii) influence the decisions about phase II planning.


Michael  Krams, MD

Platform Trials

Michael Krams, MD

  • Vice President, Global Head of Quantitative Sciences
  • Janssen R&D, Johnson & Johnson, United States
Sacha  Wissink, PhD

Regulatory and HTA Challenges with Innovative Clinical Trials

Sacha Wissink, PhD

  • Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs Europe
  • MSD Netherlands, Netherlands
Benjamin  Hofner, PhD

Regulator’s Perspective: Master Protocols – Risks and Benefits

Benjamin Hofner, PhD

  • Head of Section Biostatistics
  • Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Germany
Daniele  De Martini, PhD

Empowering Phase II Clinical Trials To Reduce Phase III Failures

Daniele De Martini, PhD

  • Associate Professor
  • Milano-Bicocca University, Italy