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Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum

Medical Communication, MSL, and Medical Writing.

Session 10 Track 1: Podium Pearls

    Session Chair(s)
      Poonam A. Bordoloi, PharmD

      Poonam A. Bordoloi, PharmD

      • I&I Lead: Research & Early Pipeline Medical Communications
      • Celgene Corporation, United States
    Medical communications professionals will be presenting their successes, challenges, and “pearls of wisdom” on various topics through podium presentations.
    Learning Objective : At the conclusion, participants should be able to:
    • Discuss and share best practices, experiences, and innovative processes for medical communications topics related to Social media and new tools for engagement, collaborating across medical affairs, contact center and actionable insights, EU collaborative pharma portal(s), proactive HCP Whatsapp Broadcast initiative launched outside the US, and the use of readability formulas within medical writing for clinical trial summaries
      Rania  Gaspo, PhD

      Medical Information (MI) Social Media Activities in Canada: Impact of Post Type on Engagement Rate

      Rania Gaspo, PhD

      • Director, Global Therapy Area Lead, External Medical Communications
      • Pfizer Canada Inc, Canada
      Isabelle C. Widmer, MD

      How Successful Medical Affairs Teams Make the Most of Their Real-World Data to Benefit Patients

      Isabelle C. Widmer, MD

      • Medical Affairs Consultant
      • elytra GmbH, Switzerland
      Nicholas  Liu, PharmD

      Analysis of Medical Information Contact Center Data: Business Insights and Opportunities

      Nicholas Liu, PharmD

      • Medical Information Associate
      • Lundbeck, United States
      Aurelio T Benassini, DrMed, MD

      A MILEstone - Creating the European Industry Association for Medical Information

      Aurelio T Benassini, DrMed, MD

      • Executive Director Global Medical Information
      • Merck Sharp & Dhome, United States
      Marie-Luise  Helmich, PhD

      MI-ND Medical Information-News Delivery: Providing Customers with Medical Information "Proactively" by Using WhatsBroadcast

      Marie-Luise Helmich, PhD

      • Head of Europe Medical Information
      • Sanofi Germany, Germany
      Autumn Sky Watson

      Clinical Trial Summaries: Readability to Effectively Inform Patients

      Autumn Sky Watson

      • Biomedical Writing Student
      • University of The Sciences In Philadelphia, United States