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Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum

Medical Communication, MSL, and Medical Writing.

Session 6 Track 1: Strategic Deployment of MI “Troops” and Capitalizing on New Technologies for MI Collaborations

    Session Chair(s)
      Christi C Marsh, PharmD

      Christi C Marsh, PharmD

      • Director, Medical Affairs, Medical Information and Scientific Communication
      • HEMA Biologics, LLC, United States
    A dynamic offering for any medical communications professional. We invite you to come learn about FRESH and DIFFERENT ways two experienced medical information (MI) professionals are working in new ways. First from one member who is embedding their MI team members across functions within their organization to deliver value and “delight customers” based on insights. Second, we change gears to hear how an UBER*-like platform can be used to collaborate across drug information professionals to deliver value to customers. *© 2017 Uber Technologies Inc. All rights reserved.
    Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
    • Describe an example approach to aligning medical info teams with corporate strategy
    • Demonstrate the differences between insight, observation and reporting on data and analytics
    • Identify what skills MI teams need to find insights
    • Establish challenges regarding evidence-based medicine
    • Discuss differences and similarities regarding the evolution of the non-industry drug information center
      Michelle  Clausen, PharmD, RPh

      The Secret Sauce of Med Info: Strategic Ingredients for Your Embedding MI Teams and Insights

      Michelle Clausen, PharmD, RPh

      • Senior Director, Chief Medical Office- Strategy & Innovation Team
      • Pfizer, Inc., United States
      Ashish A. Advani, PharmD

      How are Uber and Medical Information Related? InpharmDTM Using Technologies to Harness Medical Information Expertise Collaboratively

      Ashish A. Advani, PharmD

      • Clinical Assistant Professor
      • Mercer University, United States