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Early phase clinical development is essential to the overall drug R&D. The value of R&D won’t be maximized without higher success rates of clinical trials and lower costs. Theaking correct strategies and tactics are the guarantee of a successful drug development, which is you must know. This course, beginning with the macro strategies of the clinical design, taking the examples of oncology/non-oncology clinical trials, explains the phase I, statistics and the first-in-human (FIH), as well as the Proof of Concept (PoC) to transition to phase III, and finally gives tactical guidance on the operational level.

Who should attend?

More details, Please refer to Chinese contents.

Learning objectives

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Program Committee

  • Min Wang Irwin, MD, PhD
    Min Wang Irwin, MD, PhD Venture Partner
    Qiming Weichuang Venture Capital Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., China
  • George  LIU
    George LIU Head of Early Development and Scientific Operation
    Harbour Biomed, China
  • Jielai  Xia, PhD
    Jielai Xia, PhD Director, Department of Medical Statistics
    Air Force Military Medical University, China
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