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Clinical Trial Regulation Conference

Why You Should Exhibit and Who You Will Meet

The Clinical Trial Regulation Conference is a forum for information exchange and discussions on practical questions related to the implementation of the clinical trial regulation and soon to be published clinical trial database.

Showcase Your Solutions 

Exhibiting will allow you to showcase your solutions to a targeted audience of clinical and regulatory professionals. For details of the expected audience, please review the sample job titles below. Participants will be seeking solutions and expertise in the following areas:

  • Software solutions
  • Business process automation
  • Streamlining clinical trials
  • Complying with evolving legislation and internal policies
  • Managing clinical trial data
  • Managing processes adhering to transparency and compliance regulations
  • Solutions in safety reporting / pharmacovigilance services

Exhibiting and Hosting Opportunities

Please download our prospectus for an exhibitor application form and further information on available exhibitings and hosting opportunities.

Download Prospectus 

Exhibiting Companies

  • Trial Scope
  • Privacy Analytics
  • Sylogent
  • Xogene Services
  • d-Wise Technologies