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11th Annual European Medical Information and Communications Conference and Exhibition

The only European forum dedicated to medical information and communications, organised by medical information and communications professionals.


  • Janet  Davies

    Janet Davies

    • Director, Medical Information, EMEAC
    • Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd, United Kingdom

    Janet is responsible for the Medical Information function, which responds to requests from healthcare professionals and patients about Gilead’s medicines. She is a Nominated Medical Signatory for Gilead. Janet is recognised globally as a leader in Medical Information in the pharmaceutical industry. She is an active member of PIPA (Pharmaceutical Information and Pharmacovigilance Association) and the DIA. She chaired the annual DIA Medical Information and Communications conference in Europe from 2006 to 2011, 2016 and 2017. In 2012 Janet was given an Outstanding Service award by the DIA. She was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in 2017 in recognition of her contribution to pharmacy.

  • Lillian  Auberson, PhD

    Lillian Auberson, PhD

    • Medical Information Lead - Region Europe
    • F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Switzerland

    Lillian Auberson joined Roche Basel in 2015 as the Region Europe Lead for Medical Information and is responsible for the strategic and operational oversight of medical information in Europe. Prior to Roche, she was Senior Director in Global Medical Information at Novartis. Lillian is one of the founding committee members and has served as Chair for the annual DIA European Medical Information and Communications Conference. In 2016, Lillian became the Chair of the EFPIA Medical Information Working Group. She is also one of the founding members of the Medical Information Leaders of Europe (MILE) collaborative industry group. In 2017, Lillian received the DIA EMEA Inspire Award for Excellence in Service.

  • Isha  Bhattacharyya, PhD

    Isha Bhattacharyya, PhD

    • Senior Director Global Medical Services
    • Med Communications, Inc, United States

    After graduating from the University of Paris XI, France with a Doctorate in Pharmacy, Isha worked in a hospital in Paris before moving into research and development in Nippon Roussel K.K. in Tokyo, Japan, now incorporated into Sanofi. After moving to the US, she worked in several medical affairs functions at companies such as Wyeth, GSK and Shire. Isha has managed multi-functional teams and held roles of increasing responsibility in medical information, clinical trial patient recruitment & retention and publications. In 2013, Isha joined Med Communications as Global Lead. Med Communications is a global medical affairs and pharmacovigilance service provider supporting the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

  • Michelle Lee Bridenbaker, BSN, MS

    Michelle Lee Bridenbaker, BSN, MS

    • Director, Global Medical Information - Biosimilars
    • Biogen International, Switzerland

    Michelle is currently the Global Medical Information Lead for the Biogen Biosimilars Unit. She has worked in the US and Europe/CEE/MEA in Medical Device Sales, Med Info, Pharmacovigilance and Medical Affairs for Ethicon Endosurgery (a J&J Company), Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Amgen and Shire. Michelle is very passionate about Med Info and Med Affairs and is highly motivated by efficient and innovative ways to support customers to ensure safe and effective use of medicines.

  • Sarah  Dunnett

    Sarah Dunnett

    • Medical Operations Partner
    • Sarah Dunnett Consulting Ltd, United Kingdom

    Sarah is a Medical Operations Consultant working with Medical Information, Affairs and Compliance professionals, applying skills in clinical pharmacy and experience as a Regional Director and Cluster Senior Manager. She has partnered many teams and led a wide range of initiatives, e.g. catalysing complex projects; auditing and improving processes; developing clear operating frameworks; evaluating and implementing novel technologies; upskilling multi-cultural, cross functional groups; and effecting change. A Pharmacist and Medical Signatory, Sarah sustainably improves business and patient outcomes. She is a past President of PIPA, founding member of the MILE body, and has supported the DIA as a committee member and session chair since 2008.

  • Marie-Luise  Helmich, PhD

    Marie-Luise Helmich, PhD

    • Head of Europe Medical Information
    • Sanofi Germany, Germany

    Marie-Luise has recently been appointed Head of Europe Medical Information at Sanofi. Before, she has led Medical Information for Sanofi in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Besides ensuring high-quality Medical Information for all customers and products, she is working on inclusion of new digital media in the Medinfo channel mix. She is the Co-founder of the subcommittee Medical Information of the industry association (VFA) in Germany. Before joining Medical Information she has gained experience in Medical Affairs, Supply Chain, and as a Qualified Person in Quality.

  • Isabelle C. Widmer, MD

    Isabelle C. Widmer, MD

    • Medical Affairs Consultant
    • elytra GmbH, Switzerland

    Isabelle is a life-science consultant, physician, and pharmaceutical industry professional. Her experience spans research, hospital, academia and Global and Regional Medical Affairs Leadership Roles at Roche. Trilingual, internationally trained and versed in science, healthcare and pharma Isabelle coaches teams to excellence across disciplines, cultures and geographies. She helps clients improve efficiency, compliance and service levels, as well as to design, run and implement Global Medical Information transformation programme. Pragmatically, sustainably cost-effectively. Isabelle is a past Program Director and current faculty member (Basel University) in Pharmaceutical Medicine, a DIA programme committee member and published author.

  • Hakan  Aribas, MD

    Hakan Aribas, MD

    • Sr. Medical Information and Communication Manager
    • Novartis Saglik, Turkey

    Previous positions: Novartis Pharmaceuticals – Region Europe Medical Expert on Bone & Pain; Novartis Pharmaceuticals – Medical Information & Communication Manager; Novartis Pharmaceuticals ANKARA Rheumatology, Gastroenterology & Urology Therapeutic Area (Reg. Medical Manager); Sincanli Government Hospital, AFYON Medical Group Chairman & Chief of Staff, E.R. Doctor; Universal Group, Bodrum/MUGLA Emergency Boat and E.R. Doctor. Education: Faculty of Medicine, University of Trakya, EDIRNE.

  • Joanne  Gibson, RN

    Joanne Gibson, RN

    • Director, Medical Customer Interface - Europe/Middle East/Africa
    • Pfizer, Inc., United Kingdom

    Joanne is currently the Team Lead for Pfizer EMEA Medical Information frontline regional operations. She is responsible for ensuring the delivery of a professional quality service to Pfizer EMEA customers along with ensuring compliance of the regulatory body requirements and internal processes across the region. She has significant experience in in-sourcing, out-sourcing, and off-shoring frontline MI operations. She has worked with numerous vendors and launched multiple contact centres. Her current operation includes a hybrid of in-sourcing and out-sourcing for the majority of the EMEA region. She developed a robust quality monitoring program that has been implemented across the Pfizer global MI departments.

  • Sabine  Lischka-Wittmann, DrSc

    Sabine Lischka-Wittmann, DrSc

    • Director Medical Information Europe
    • Lilly Deutschland GmbH, Germany

    Sabine Lischka-Wittmann, PhD is currently the European Medical Information Director for Eli Lilly & Company. She was previously the Senior Manager of the Medical Information and Medical Liaisons teams in Germany. Sabine is a highly experienced Medical Information manager: she has managed the German team for over 20 years. Sabine has lead numerous projects across the European region during her role as a European MedInfo Coordinator, including the implementation of Virtual MedInfo Teams in Europe to increase productivity, a quality assurance system for MedInfo responses, and the harmonization of process flows in this function. Sabine has presented at the DIA US Medical Communications workshop as well as the European Med Info conference.

  • Angeles  Flores, MLIS

    Angeles Flores, MLIS

    • Medical Information Manager
    • LAB. LILLY, Spain

    Angeles is a Senior Manager with long experience in the Medical function. She has leaded Medical Information and Scientific Communication teams and is now facing new challenges as manager of a multinational, multilingual and virtual Medical Information team in Europe. She teaches at the Sanitary Evaluation and Access to Market Master (University Carlos III Madrid) and continue linked to the scientific publication space collaborating with MEDES; the Spanish Medical Bibliography Database she initiated back in 2001. Since 2014 Coordinates Medical Information working group in AMIFE; the Spanish Association of Medical Professionals from the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Robyn  Rennick, PhD

    Robyn Rennick, PhD

    • Director, Medical Information
    • GlaxoSmithKline, United Kingdom

    Robyn is currently working as Global Medical Information Director at GSK. She has held a number of medical positions in the company starting in the MI team in Australia. Her experience spans a number of different roles across the Pharma, Vaccines and Consumer Business Units focussing on different therapy areas. These roles have been at both regional and global levels and included time working in a Scientific Communications role working on the communication and publication strategy for a number of products in development, before moving back to Medical Information.

  • Jill  Voss, MSN

    Jill Voss, MSN

    • Franchise Head, Medical Information, Communications and Events
    • Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Switzerland

    Jill is a medical information professional with more than 25 years’ experience in international, regional and affiliate roles in large and small pharmaceutical companies, as well as 9 years providing strategic business and medical consultancy services. Jill has held leadership roles in medical communications, medical information and health informatics. Currently, she is ICE Franchise Head responsible for medical communications strategies within Novartis Pharmaceuticals based in Basel, Switzerland. Jill is a member of MILE group (Medical Information Leaders in Europe) and part of the Safety Communications work stream within MILE. Jill is a past- President for PIPA (Pharmaceutical Information and Pharmacovigilance Association, UK).

  • Vivek  Ahuja, DrMed

    Vivek Ahuja, DrMed

    • Vice President, Global Pharmacovigilance
    • ArisGlobal, India

    Vivek Ahuja, Vice President of Global Pharmacovigilance at ArisGlobal, utilizes his extensive experience in product development and patient safety by supporting innovations to accelerate great ideas and taking lifesaving solutions to scale. He has served in leadership roles with global/regional responsibilities for the past ten of his fifteen years of work experience in complex multi-country, cross cultural environments. Before joining ArisGlobal he worked with PATH as Director of R&D, Baxter Healthcare and GVK Biosciences.

  • David  Bowers, PharmD

    David Bowers, PharmD

    • Director, Medical Communications
    • PPD, United States

    David Bowers has 15+ years of experience managing pharmaceutical contact center programs at PPD. As Director of Operations, David supports global medical information for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device clients. He has a background in pharmacy, with a Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of North Carolina in the United States. During his time at PPD, David has worked with over 30 client contact center programs providing medical information, pharmacovigilance and product complaint processing, patient adherence programs, REMS support and other services. David’s recent experience includes implementing contact center operations in the US, Europe, Mexico and Brazil.

  • Novella  Calcinaghi, PhD

    Novella Calcinaghi, PhD

    • Global Medical Information Leader
    • F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Switzerland

    Novella Calcinaghi is a Global Medical Information Leader at Roche. She is a Pharmacist with PhD in Neuroscience from University of Zurich . Novella has experience in Safety and Medical Affairs at Roche. Before Roche, she worked for several years in Research and Development both in academia and industry. She is passionate about medical information and how it can empower the HCP and patients in making informed decisions.

  • Jan  De Wit

    Jan De Wit

    • Director, Global Medical Information Vaccines
    • GSK, Belgium

    Jan De Wit started his professional career as Intensive Care Nurse in IC Units for Neurosurgery and for Major Burn Injuries. After 9 years at university hospitals his passion for clinical research made him join the pharmaceutical industry. He then worked for 20 years in different therapy areas in R&D both in country and above country leading roles. When he moved to the Global Medical Affairs department of the Vaccines Business Unit 8 years ago he discovered a passion for Medical Information (MI) and the need to develop a dedicated global MI department. Jan is currently leading the Global MI department for Vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline. He is a member of MILE and has a special interest in content generation and AI.

  • Miriam  Fenelon, PhD

    Miriam Fenelon, PhD

    • MCI Manager
    • Pfizer, United Kingdom

    Miriam has a background in Molecular and Reproductive Biology and has previously worked in Science Communication. She has worked in Pfizer Medical Information for the last 13 years, working in both customer-facing and medical writing roles. Miriam is currently a Medical Customer Interface Manager with oversight responsibilities in Operations, Compliance , Quality and Vendor Management across the EMEA region. Miriam is still motivated by science communication and is passionate about empowering patients and Health Care Professionals by improving access to scientific education through Infographics and digital solutions.

  • Damien  Forrester

    Damien Forrester

    • Medical Customer Interface Manager – Europe, Middle East & Africa
    • Pfizer, United Kingdom

    Damien holds a business degree from Western Sydney University, and has over 10 years’ experience managing customer facing teams in the fields of insurance, emergency medical assistance, and workplace health & safety. In 2014 he moved from Australia to the UK to join Pfizer Medical Information’s European operation. In his role as a Medical Customer Interface Manager Damien supports the oversight of frontline operations for EMEA, ensuring consistency in the quality, compliance and operational systems across the super-region. Damien is passionate about working in a broad region with a unified approach to customer service, whilst still honouring the country and cultural nuances that ensure a positive customer journey.

  • Evelyn R. Hermes-DeSantis, PharmD

    Evelyn R. Hermes-DeSantis, PharmD

    • Clinical Professor, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
    • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, United States

    Evelyn Hermes-DeSantis, PharmD, BCPS, is a Clinical Professor at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey and is the Director of Drug Information Services at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Rutgers. After completing a Specialized Residency in Drug Information at the Medical College of Virginia Hospital, she practiced at the University of Utah Hospital before returning to Rutgers. Over the years she has trained over 25 Specialized Residents in Drug Information and has precepted numerous Residents and Industry Fellows.

  • Sashka  Hristoskova, PhD

    Sashka Hristoskova, PhD

    • Head Medical Imformation Excellence
    • Novartis, Switzerland

    Sashka started her career in the pharmaceutical industry in the area of clinical research and development, where she was leading clinical trials in different therapy areas. Sashka then moved to medical affairs and had several roles as Medical Scientific Expert and Medical Director, both on regional and global level. In these roles, Sashka focused on medical education, experts engagement and publications. Sashka is currently Head Medical Information Excellence at Novartis.

  • Vinod  Koshy, MPharm, RPh

    Vinod Koshy, MPharm, RPh

    • Head of Medical Information and Promotional Compliance
    • Aspen Pharmacare, Ireland

    Vinod is the Head of Aspen medical information and promotional compliance function based in Ireland. Vinod is working in Aspen since 2012 and was primarily responsible for managing the implementation of central medical information function and promotional compliance function. Vinod worked in ICON Clinical Research as Study/Project Lead before Joining Aspen. Before Joining ICON, Vinod worked as a community pharmacist in Dubai. Vinod is a qualified pharmacist who completed his Masters in Pharmacy and also hold degree in Pharmaceutical Marketing. Vinod recently completed his Masters in Pharmaceutical Medicine from Trinity College, Dublin

  • Marianne Wittrup Larsen, PhD, MSc

    Marianne Wittrup Larsen, PhD, MSc

    • Medical Information and Patient Safety Manager
    • Astrazeneca, Sweden

    Marianne started her career in basic biochemistry research, driving international projects as well as teaching at university, before moving into the pharmaceutical industry. Marianne has worked broadly with medical information in the Nordic region across therapeutic areas in several positions and companies. She has also worked with patient safety, training and vendor management, again with a Nordic perspective. Lately Marianne has worked with medical information and has just recently moved into medical affairs.

  • James  Milligan

    James Milligan

    • Vice President Patient Safety
    • AstraZeneca, United Kingdom

    Joined Industry more than 10 years ago after training in hospital medicine and neuro-immunology research in the UK. Interests from clinical practice include cardiology, neurology and rheumatology. Experience covering pharmacovigilance at all stages of lifecycle as well as multiple successful NDA and MAA submissions across major therapy areas. Currently leads a global group of Safety Physicians and Scientists across US and Sweden and covering therapy areas of Respiratory, Inflammation, Autoimmunity, Infection and Vaccines. James is actively involved promoting scientific thinking from basic sciences through to challenges of public health and real-world risk management.

  • Marie-Claire  Pickaert

    Marie-Claire Pickaert

    • Deputy Director General
    • EFPIA, Belgium

    Ms Pickaert is the Deputy Director General of EFPIA, member of EFPIA’s General Management. Since 2008, Ms Pickaert is coordinating EFPIA’s ethics and compliance activities. Following the adoption of the 2010 Leadership Statement calling for greater transparency, accountability and ethical behaviour within and industry framework of self-regulation, she took the lead of activities including the creation of the EFPIA e4ethics platform and the development of the EFPIA Disclosure Code. She is acting as the Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer at EFPIA. In 2015, she was asked to take the role of Ambassador to the Medical Communities, coordinating EFPIA’s relationships with medical & scientific societies, including learned societies.

  • Monica  Rojo Abril

    Monica Rojo Abril

    • Medical Information Officer
    • Gruenenthal Pharma S.A., Spain

    After obtaining a degree in Information and Communication Sciences, Monica Rojo Abril expanded her postgraduate education in Research Journalism, Medical Information and Scientific Documentation. Since 2000, she has developed her professional training and background in Medical Information at the pharmaceutical industry. Nowadays, She is the MedInfo responsible Officer at Grünenthal Spain. She is also co-founder and active member of the Medical Information Working Group under the auspices of the Spanish Medical Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (AMIFE). In this position, Monica is one of two coordinators of the first Spanish guide to good practices in Medical Information.

  • Thorsten  Rothweiler

    Thorsten Rothweiler

    • Business Analyst
    • Roche Pharma AG, Germany

    Thorsten Rothweiler has a graduation as Bachelor Professional of Business CCI (IHK Hochrhein-Bodensee). He started his Career at Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach / Germany in 2011 in the Medical Information department, where he is responsible for any kind of data analytics. Furthermore, he is a member of different regional and global reporting groups with a strong focus on improving the quality of Medical Information data.

  • Andrea  Schwander, DrSc

    Andrea Schwander, DrSc

    • Group Lead Global Medical Information
    • F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Switzerland

    Andrea is a group leader in Global Medical Information responsible for the Operations & Collaborations Excellence Team working for Roche for almost 12 years. Being a Biologist by training Andrea started as a Scientific Information Specialist in the German Roche affiliate. Becoming a team lead in Medical Information in the affiliate she was responsible for the MI Quality processes, IT systems, Publication support and the literature search team. After a short term assignment in the Global MI team in San Francisco, a GMI leader role for the respiratory portfolio back in Basel, Andrea is now again responsible to oversee global IT solutions for MI, Processes and Systems to support the Roche Medical Information Network.

  • Celia  Wilson, MHS

    Celia Wilson, MHS

    • Medical Information Manager
    • Bayer, United Kingdom

    Celia is an experienced MI consultant, currently working on the implementation of a new UK call centre for Bayer ltd as Medical Services Excellence Manager. Her previous role was also with Bayer as the UK Medical Information Manager for General Medicine. She has worked in several senior positions within Medical Information over the last few years, covering French speaking countries at PI, Europe and the Middle East at Eisai most recently, as well as globally at GSK. Celia loves that there is always something new to discover about Med Info and is herself passionate about sharing her enthusiasm for the field, especially how to transform data to improve patient understanding and support informed decision-making.

  • Simon  Young

    Simon Young

    • Director and Head of Commercial
    • Blue Latitude Health, United Kingdom

    Simon is a Director at Blue Latitude Health. Over the last 13 years he has worked in over 30 markets, across a range of clients and project types; from business transformation and capability building to brand and HCP launch strategies to digital strategy, transformation and optimisation projects. Simon has worked with Lilly, Janssen, Novartis, Pfizer and MILE/EFPIA specifically on medical information projects. He has helped to define the future strategy and positioning of medical information services; develop concepts for new informational service delivery models and also optimise existing solutions and services targeted at HCPs.

  • Richard T. Lippincott, RPh

    Richard T. Lippincott, RPh

    • Executive Director
    • PPD, Inc., United States

    Rich Lippincott is Executive Director of Operations in the medical communications group for PPD. In this role he is responsible for PPD’s global medical information contact centers. He has eighteen years of experience in medical information contact center operations. In addition, his experience also includes post-approval product safety, patient adherence, REMS, and in-bound/out-bound contact center work in both the clinical and post-approval areas for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Mr. Lippincott has a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the Duquesne University.

  • Eva  Loew, PharmD, RPh

    Eva Loew, PharmD, RPh

    • Grouphead Medical Information
    • Novartis Pharma, Germany

    Eva is currently a Grouphead Medical Information for Novartis Pharma in Germany. She has 16 years experience in pharmaceutical industry within medical information, also as Medical Officer for Cardiometabolic franchise. Within Medical Information Eva gained experience in cooperation with external first level providers and managed different cross-divisonal and cross-country Medical Information cooperation projects and teams within Novartis. Eva is member of the subcommittee Medical Information of the industry association (vfa) in Germany and holds a degree for “special pharmacist for pharmaceutical information” and is responsible for pharmaceutical information education for pharmacists within Novartis Pharma Germany.

  • Mike  Bellis

    Mike Bellis

    • Partner
    • PEN CX, United Kingdom

    Mike’s personal alarm clock is to improve the health and wellbeing of people served by the Pharmaceutical and Life Science sectors. During his time as the European lead for Customer Experience at Pfizer he successfully pioneered the adoption of practices from other sectors to address challenges commonly faced in Pharma; becoming the first pharma company executive globally to be awarded CCXP status (Certified Customer eXperience Professional) by the recognised professionals’ association, the CXPA. He has since co-founded a specialist customer experience management consultancy ‘PEN CX’ to help organisations deliver their ideal experience to improve brand perception, loyalty and advocacy.

  • Philippe  Sorel Takam, PharmD, MSc, RPh

    Philippe Sorel Takam, PharmD, MSc, RPh

    • Global Medical Information Manager
    • Primevigilance Ltd, United Kingdom

    Phil is a qualified pharmacist with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical arena. He has gained extensive expertise in clinical affairs and medical affairs throughout his career, with leadership roles to successfully plan and execute multiple medical scientific programs at local, regional and global level including KOL relationship management, medical communications, medical education and medical information.

  • Bernhard  Gandolf

    Bernhard Gandolf

    • Certified Management Consultant, Managing Director
    • Eisq GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

    Bernhard Gandolfs is Managing Director at eisq GmbH&Co.Kg. He is an expert in Operational Excellence and Vendor Management. Especially HealthCare Companies highly value his advice. He is certified as Management Consultant, eisq since 2009. Bernhard discovered his passion for service already during his studies at University in Vienna. After several years of collecting experience at consultancies, he founded his own company, eisq. He was Business Unit Director between 2003-2008 and Senior Consultant between 2000-2002.

  • Fiona  Syndercombe, MSc

    Fiona Syndercombe, MSc

    • Manager, UK Medical
    • Biogen, United Kingdom

    Fiona Syndercombe is a Medical Manager at Biogen, UK. After receiving her MSc in Toxicology in 2007 she started her career as a Poison Information Specialist at the National Poison Information Service which sparked her interest in Medical Information. Subsequently in 2012 Ms Syndercombe moved into the pharmaceutical industry and has held MI roles at both Bayer Healthcare and Biogen; she has experience in various aspects of MI including front-line activities, process improvement, training and also oversight of MI and Copy Approval service providers for the UK and Ireland. Her current role recently involved transitioning to a new Medical Information service provider.

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