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DIA Annual Canadian Meeting

Session 4C: Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP)- Updates and Implementation Approaches

Session Chair(s)

Maggie  Graham

Maggie Graham

  • Senior Policy Analyst, Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate
  • Health Canada, Canada
The ISO IDMP standard, and the European implementation of it, present a number of challenges in terms of the data that must be collected, managed, and submitted to the agencies. Explore how companies can – and should already be starting to – approach IDMP implmentation. Speakers will address how to design new processes for handling IDMP requirements and how to react to evolving requirements.


Donald  Palmer, MA

Session Co-Chair

Donald Palmer, MA

  • Associate Director, RIM-PM
  • Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc, United States
Joel  Finkle

IDMP: Incrememental Data, More Processes

Joel Finkle

  • Associate Offering Management Director Regulatory Innovation
  • ACUTA, United States
Vikesh  Srivastava

IDMP Overview and a Regulators Perspective

Vikesh Srivastava

  • Associate Director, Business Informatics Division, HPFB
  • Health Canada, Canada
Brooke  Casselberry, MS, RAC

Industry Perception and Action on IDMP Standards: US and EU

Brooke Casselberry, MS, RAC

  • Director, Consulting Expert
  • CGI Technologies, United States

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