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Session 3 Track 2: Master Data Managment and Business - Where the Two Meet

Session Chair(s)

Brooke  Casselberry, MS, RAC

Brooke Casselberry, MS, RAC

  • Senior Director
  • NNIT Inc., United States
Hear approaches, strategies, and effects of utilizing Master Data Management, (driven by IDMP) to improve product master management, life cycle management, and the business impacts from these changes. Listen to the case studies on how a top five pharmaceutical organization has approached master data management, IDMP, and the business impacts these initiatives have had across the functional areas.
Learning Objective : The participant will be able to describe the basics of reference data management, entity extraction and structured authoring, and appraise the potential for synergy in these practices. The participant will be able to outline the business benefits this offers.


Kevin  Remphrey

Master Data Management: Leveraging Commercial Best Practices in a Regulatory Landscape

Kevin Remphrey

  • Merck, United States
Jan  Voskuil

Data Governance, Entity Extraction, and Structured Authoring: The Triple Core of IDMP Readiness

Jan Voskuil

  • CEO
  • Taxonic, Netherlands
Donna  Yosua

MDM and Business Readiness - Preparing Your Business for Transformational Change

Donna Yosua

  • Director
  • Merck & Co., Inc, United States