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Regulatory Submissions, Information, and Document Management Forum

Session 3 Track 1: What is RIM?

Session Chair(s)

Sarah  Powell, RAC

Sarah Powell, RAC

  • President
  • Powell Regulatory Services, United States
Regulatory Information Management, or RIM, can mean different things in different organizations. This session will explore the results of a recent industry survey regarding RIM and how to increase the value of the program within your company.
Learning Objective : 1) Review key business measures and strategies to increase the performance of your RIM program. 2) Review industry benchmarks of 70 unique companies to learn priorities, practices and trends. 3) Share our world class RIM performance model


Patti  Palm-Principe, MS

Good Regulatory Information Management Practices

Patti Palm-Principe, MS

  • Client Engagement Liason Lead
  • Orion, United States
Angela  Shain

Benefits and Challenges of a Global RIM Organization

Angela Shain

  • Manager, Regulatory Operations
  • Amgen, United States
Steve  Gens, MS

Increasing the Business Value of your RIM Program: Strategy, Measures, Practices

Steve Gens, MS

  • Managing Partner
  • Gens & Associates Inc., United States