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As a direct and sole result of the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and due to circumstances beyond our control, DIA announced that it has decided to change the format of the upcoming Digitial Technology in Clinical Trials meeting from “face-to-face” (in-person) to entirely virtual.

For more information, please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Short Course requires Pre-Registration and is an additional fee.

Technology is changing how we practice medicine. Despite rapid advances, healthcare lags behind other industries in truly putting these technologies to use. A major barrier is the cross-disciplinary approaches required to successfully create and implement these digital products.

Learning objectives

The aim of the course is to provide a common framework of language and clarify core concepts to promote collaboration amongst stakeholders. We will accomplish this through the following course objectives:

  • Discuss the concept of digital medicine and the types of products available to measure and intervene in human health
  • Examine the regulatory, ethical, legal and security considerations when adopting digital products in research and clinical care
  • Define terms that categorize types of digital measurements including biomarker, ePRO, verification and validation