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Building, enhancing, and maintaining productive relationships is the hallmark of good business- and the regulatory development process. However, too often government and industry stakeholders do not prioritize this task. Industry regulatory affairs professionals are an untapped resource that have access to critical information that the government requires to ensure the regulations and policies that are developed meet the stated mutual objectives and are implementable. This course provides an opportunity to learn what effective engagement and stakeholder relationships look like from the government perspective and develop a strategy to increase your value as an industry stakeholder, while understanding and upholding ethical obligations of both parties. Structured discussions will enable participants to explore barriers to effective relationships from both government and industry perspectives, share experiences, identify challenges and discuss potential solutions to improve engagement

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this short course, participants should be able to:
  • Appreciate the unique value proposition that industry regulatory affairs professionals provide government decision makers as a part of the regulatory and policy development and implementation process
  • Understand government obligations, perspectives, and what they value when building relationships and engaging with industry stakeholders
  • Develop a strategy to increase your profile and build an effective stakeholder relationships with government decision makers while maintaining ethical obligations

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