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Complimentary - Life Sciences Companies Are Using CARA for Multiple Content Management Use Cases

Including eTMF, GxP, R&D, PV, Medical Information, and More!


This Solution Provider Webinar is brought to you by DIA in cooperation with Generis

CARA has the ability to provide a platform approach for the Life Science industry whilst giving focused functionality for a wide variety of use cases from eTMF through GxP, to submission documents, PV, and medical information. The variety of use cases that CARA can address is the main reason for our ever-expanding client list and our relationships with 8 of the top 10 global Life Science Companies.

Featured topics

  • Introduction to Generis and CARA
  • CARA use cases for life sciences, including, but not limited to:
    • eTMF
    • GxP
    • R&D
    • PV
    • Medical Information
  • How the unique features of CARA streamline workflow and improve efficiency
  • Which life science companies currently utilise CARA and for which functional areas
  • What the future demands of life science companies mean for CARA

Who should attend?

Professionals who work in:

  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Manufacturing
  • Safety
  • Medical Information
  • IT
  • Quality
  • Clinical and Nonclinical

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize CARA use cases for different functional areas and how they impact on daily activities
  • Identify the key aspects of Life Science procedures which can be impacted by a CARA deployment and their impact on SOPs
  • Interpret the functional UI capabilities of CARA and how technological integrations imbed into these elements for quick and easy access
  • Categorise the varied, pre-configurable CARA packages to their respective functional areas and assess their impact on business process
  • Outline the key areas of functionality for Life Sciences which makes CARA unique in the EDMS market and how they assist end users

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