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P69: The Value of An Online Destination in Tardive Dyskinesia in Educating Practicing Clinicians

Poster Presenter

      Thomas Finnegan

      • Director, CNS Clinical Strategist
      • Medscape Education
        United States


Given the substantial gaps in the care of patients with tardive dyskinesia (TD), the goal of this research is to outline the ability of targeted physician outreach to an online educational destination page to improve knowledge and competence for the management of patients with TD.


Cumulative outcomes from an online educational destination page on TD hosted on the Medscape Education website were collected. We will be reporting the number and specialty of physicans who accessed the education, including the effectiveness of the education on measures of knowledge and competence.


Since 2017, Medscape Education has received an unrestricted educational grant from Neurocrine Biosciences Inc., to develop an online educational learning destination composed of CME-certified educational programming (approximately 5 new programs per year), a resource center, quarterly poling questions, and a steering committee of phyisicians who are experts in the area of TD. This destination is disseminated to Medscape's proprietary membership, including 23K neurologists, 39K psychiatrists, 222K PCPs and over 1M nurses, NPs, and PAs, via e-mail blast alerts, site recommendations, search engine optimization, and social media alerts. Over this time, educational programming featured on this destination page has reached over 93,000 learners and improved knowledge/competence across 4 core clinical themes of TD: assessment, clinical trial data, risk and burden, and treatment. Average learning improvements were 35% for neurologists, 30% for psychiatrists, 57% for PCPs, and 49% for NPs/PAs. Outcomes from the individual educational programs featured on the destination page have been presented in poster form at both national psychiatry (such as APA) and national neurology (such as AAN) conferences.


The data associated with this educational learning destination onTD indicated that an online, omni-channel learning destination can serve as an effective educational resource for those in medical affairs and HCPs with regard to the broad dissemination of targeted therapeutic messaging.