ユーザーIDをお忘れですか? or パスワードをお忘れですか?


Myth Busters:Is What You Thought About Decentralized Clinical Trials Wrong?


This event is a complementary On-Demand pre-event promotional webinar associated with the DIA 2023 Global Annual Meetingand open to the public.

Stakeholders will discuss common myths about DCTs.

As modern technologies are being advanced to support clinical trials, changes to how clinical trials are conducted are evolving. Change does require a careful evaluation of the regulatory environment and cultural differences, and this leads to assumptions and myths about whether and how DCT components may be implemented in clinical trials. With total transparency, those are looming myths circulating in our industry, and instead of adding to this ever-growing myth list, this webinar will take a different approach to ‘debunk’ or confirm them. Industry leaders from competing vendors, sponsors and sites will collaborate to share stories and findings of adoption, challenges, and evolving regulations related to the implementation of DCTs. Each participant will discuss specific myths and share evidence, and the audience will also be engaged to challenge the panel or share their own stories.

Please also check out DIA’s DIA 2023 Global Annual Meeting taking place June 25-29, 2023!

Topics for Discussion Will Include:

  • Use of mobile technology in the elder population
  • Are DCTs all or nothing, or can patients be provided with options
  • China --- what is permitted, what are the restrictions
  • eConsent --- where is it permitted; what is the difference of eConsent v. eSignature
  • Many others from the panel and audience