ユーザーIDをお忘れですか? or パスワードをお忘れですか?

Congress Center Basel

2018年4月17日 (火) 午前 9:00 - 2018年4月17日 (火) 午後 12:30

Messeplatz 21 , CH-4021 Basel , SWITZERLAND

Genomics in Clinical Development


Genomics is an emerging field using genetic information of individual patients as basis for diagnostic or therapeutic decision-making. Knowledge of all the human genes and their functions would allow effective preventive measures, and change drug research strategy and drug discovery development processes. The potential implication of genomics and pharmacogenomics in clinical research and clinical medicine is the possibility to treat diseases according to genetic and specific individual markers, selecting medications and dosages that are optimised for an individual patient. The possibility of defining patient populations genetically may improve outcomes by predicting individual responses to drugs, and could improve safety and efficacy.

Genomic medicine already has a recognised impact in diverse fields of oncology, pharmacology, rare and undiagnosed diseases. Identification of genetic causality of diseases enables new approaches in drug discovery and development, followed by promising new diagnostic and therapeutic options. Consequently, reimbursement strategies need to be adapted to these advanced concepts.


Professionals working in industry, regulatory authorities or academia, who are interested to get insights into the basic concepts and future impacts of genomic medicine in drug development.


At the conclusion of this short course, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify and appraise the basic concepts of genomic medicine
  • Outline the impact of genomic information on future drug development, disease risk identification and diagnosing
  • Explain the impact of genomic medicine on therapeutic decision making, drug selection and personalised dosing
  • Determine frontiers and potential risk of genomic medicine