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Congress Center Basel

2018年4月16日 (月) 午後 2:00 - 2018年4月16日 (月) 午後 5:30

Messeplatz 21 , CH-4021 Basel , SWITZERLAND

Guidance for Patient Involvement in Pharmaceutical Industry-Led Research


There is an increasing need to draw on patient knowledge and experience in order to understand what it is like to live with a specific condition, how care is administered and the day-to-day use of medicines.

Structured interaction with patients of all age groups and across conditions, their representatives and other stakeholders is necessary and allows the exchange of information and constructive dialogue at national and European level where the views from users of medicines can and should be considered. It is important to take into account that healthcare systems as well as practices and legislation might differ.

It is acknowledged that the patients’ contribution to the discovery, development and evaluation of medicines enriches the quality of the evidence and opinion available. Existing codes of practice for patient involvement with various stakeholders do not comprehensively cover the full scope of research and development (R&D). EUPATI has published guidance which aims to support the integration of patient involvement across the entire process of medicines research and development.

EUPATI has developed these guidance documents for all stakeholders aiming to interact with patients on medicines research and development (R&D). This training will use hands-on exercises and case studies to illustrate the considerations that must be made when deciding to engage patients, and offer advice on how this can be done in different settings. Since there is no one-size fits all when it comes to incorporating patient engagement processes into existing workflows, participants will be guided by the trainers and group discussions on when it is appropriate to deviate from guidance provided to account for specific circumstances, national legislation or the unique needs of each interaction. This training will cover the following topics:

  • Defining ‘Patient’
  • Transparency
  • Suggested working practices
  • Identifying Patients
  • Compensation
  • Written Agreements


Professionals working in pharmaceutical industry R&D (discovery, clinical, regulatory, patient relations, communications) looking to establish partnerships to actively engage with patients, patient advocates, and representatives of patient organisations in a fair and meaningful manner.


At the conclusion of this short course, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify opportunities where patients can be meaningfully engaged in all stages of medicines R&D
  • Apply best practices to in-company workflows and SOPs when working with patients
  • Adapt the values of guidance for patient engagement as necessary to comply with legislation and in-company policy