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DIA Recognized as an Authorized Training Partner of the ICH

Found in: Clinical Safety & Pharmacovigilance

DIA, (founded as the Drug Information Association), a member-driven volunteer organization driving thought leadership in global healthcare product development, announced today that it has been recognized by the International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) Management Committee as an Authorized Training Partner.

“DIA is proud to be an Authorized Training Partner of the ICH. We are committed to providing learning solutions that exceed the expectations of healthcare product development professionals and enable them to ensure that safe, effective treatments get to patients as quickly as possible” said DIA Global Chef Executive, Barbara Lopez Kunz. “We look forward to bringing ICH-approved courses to our global audience.”

ICH recognition of DIA as an approved training partner required successful execution of a pilot program and meeting key criteria, including:

  • Serving as a neutral convening platform to engage expert stakeholders from industry, academia, advocacy groups, nonprofits, and regulatory agencies on critical regulatory topics;
  • Promoting regulatory convergence to accelerate innovation and improve health care around the world;
  • Has a stated vision/mission to improve the integrity, safety, and rigor of global drug development, grounded in ethical, actionable, and practical solutions;
  • Has significant experience in producing training programs and materials, and the ability to adopt a country/region-specific and culturally-relevant approach to promote implementation of international standards to build regulatory capacity.

For more information about DIA and its professional development offerings, visit: www.DIAglobal.org

For more information about ICH and the ICH Training Pilot of 2017, visit: www.ich.org