Value & Access Healthcare systems in economies of every size continue to struggle with finding ways to ensure access to safe and efficacious healthcare products for their patients. Simultaneously, the healthcare landscape is evolving toward value-based assessments, and there is a need to understand the impact of this movement on all stakeholders: providers, payers, industry, and patients. DIA brings these stakeholders together in a neutral forum to accelerate the integration of value and access discussions more broadly throughout the product development process and lifecycle management.


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Value and Access Toolkit

Solutions to affordability and patient access are constantly evolving. Stay tuned into the ongoing conversations between policymakers, payers, and HTA bodies. Download DIA’s Value and Access Toolkit to get access to DIA’s new interviews, exclusive video recordings, and articles featuring value and access content.

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Regulatory Affairs Professionals connect to share non-proprietary global information and best practices for new and emerging regulatory requirements in the development and commercialization of healthcare treatments. Working groups include CMC, Labeling, AdPromo, Regulatory Intelligence, and Regulatory Information Management.

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