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  • Join

    How do I become a member of DIA?

    DIA membership is open to anyone interested in upholding the mission, goals and vision of DIA. You can easily join by 1) applying online, 2) downloading an application form and mailing, 3) faxing, or 4) emailing it to the Membership team, or 5) call +1.888.257.6457 to have your questions answered.
  • Benefits

    What are the benefits and services available to DIA members?

    All DIA members receive a host of valuable tools designed to help you build a global network, develop your career, and enhance your knowledge. You’ll get access to information as it happens in the members-only daily eNewsletter, DIA Daily. You’ll gain expert insights and in-depth analysis in Global Forum and DIA Podcasts, and read about recent discoveries with a subscription to our peer-reviewed scientific journal, Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science. Strengthen your skills with our best-in-class training portfolio. As a DIA member you will save money with reduced rates on events including online and in-person courses, conference discounts, and special Early Bird offers. Plus, you will be eligible to join DIA Communities where leadership development, networking, and mentorship opportunities present themselves for the taking.
  • Categories

    What are the categories and types of membership available?

    DIA offers different membership categories including Standard, Student rates, an Expert Patient Network rate, and a 2-year membership available in all regions. Some regions have additional membership categories based on which sector you are primarily a part of: Industry, Academia, Nonprofit, or Government.  
  • Costs

    How much does it cost to become a member of DIA?

    Since DIA is a global organization dues are established in each region’s currency. Annual membership for each region is: North America $200; Europe, Middle East & Africa €155; Japan ¥17,500; Japan Academia ¥12,000; China 1,000 RMB; Latin America $200; and India 3019 INR. However, an attractive option in all regions is the 2-year membership because it offers a 10% discount.
  • Renew

    How do I renew my DIA membership?

    At the end of your 9th month of membership (for a one-year membership) you can easily renew online by clicking the “Renew” button on your Membership Dashboard at DIAglobal.org. You will also receive courtesy reminder emails with buttons to renew, request an invoice, or download employer justification talking points. Additionally, you can submit an application form by mail, fax, or email. And if you want to renew prior to your 9th month of membership you can always contact our Membership team at +1.888.257.6457.
  • Password

    Forgot your DIAglobal.org user ID or password?

    You can retrieve your user ID with the email address associated with your account, and you can reset your password with either your user ID or email address. If you have any other questions about your DIA account you can contact Customer Service.
  • Profile

    How do I manage my member profile?

    Review and update your member profile by Signing In at the top navigation bar on DIAglobal.org and then selecting My Account from the dropdown menu under your name. This will bring you to your personal Membership Dashboard where you can update your personal and professional details and manage your presentations, transcripts, Communities, abstracts, purchases, and subscriptions all in one place.
  • Status

    How do I view my member status?

    Your membership status is immediately visible at the top of your Dashboard when you Sign In at the top navigation bar on DIAglobal.org and then select My Account from the dropdown menu under your name. 
  • Students

    What activities are available for students?

    DIA offers a $50 reduced rate student membership and subsidized event registration rates for any student currently enrolled for at least 12 undergraduate hours or 9 graduate hours annually in a degree or certificate granting academic program in an accredited academic institution, whose content is consistent with the mission of DIA. Students who are currently employed full time are not eligible. Students at these institutions can also assemble and apply for DIA Student Chapter consideration. Additionally, student members are highly encouraged to submit abstracts for student posters at the DIA Global Annual Meeting, DIA Europe, and other regional meetings.
  • Patients

    What activities are available for patients?

    As an advocate of the patient’s voice, DIA has created patient-centered programs including: Annual Meeting and EuroMeeting Patient Advocate Fellowship Programs; opportunities for patient representatives to attend major DIA conferences; patient-focused conferences, meetings, and training sessions across all aspects of health care product development; volunteer opportunities including program committee involvement; as well as a reduced rate Expert Patient Network Membership. Applicants must be in a primary, professional role in a recognized nonprofit organization. Interested in an Expert Patient Network Membership? Contact Elizabeth.Lincoln@diaglobal.org.
  • Communities

    How do I join a DIA Community?

    You can join the DIA Communities relevant to your interests in a single click from your member profile. Simply Sign In at the top navigation bar on DIAglobal.org and then select My Communities from the dropdown menu under your name. The Explore Communities tab provides a list of all available Communities that you can join by selecting the check boxes and clicking Save Changes.
  • Invoice

    How do I get an invoice or receipt for a recent or upcoming membership order?

    When you receive your membership confirmation email or renewal courtesy reminder email you will find a button that will let you request an invoice. You can also simply email membership@DIAglobal.org from the email address associated with your member record and request a PDF to be sent to you, or use the button in the Membership Tools section.
  • Contact

    How do I contact the DIA Membership department?

    The DIA Membership team is always ready to help you make the most of your membership.