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Program Committee

  • J. Lynn  Bass, PharmD
    J. Lynn Bass, PharmD Director, Medical Science Liaisons, Americas
    Santen, Inc., United States
  • Poonam A. Bordoloi, PharmD
    Poonam A. Bordoloi, PharmD I&I Lead: Research & Early Pipeline Medical Communications
    Celgene Corporation, United States
  • David  Bowers, PharmD
    David Bowers, PharmD Director, Medical Communications
    PPD, United States
  • Eileen  Girten, MS
    Eileen Girten, MS Principal Medical Writer
    PRA Health Sciences, United States
  • Darryl Zachary L'Heureux, PhD, MPharm, MSc
    Darryl Zachary L'Heureux, PhD, MPharm, MSc Senior Scientific Writer
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, United States
  • Robin L. Winter-Sperry, DrMed, MD
    Robin L. Winter-Sperry, DrMed, MD Head, Global Field Based Medical Excellence
    Sanofi Genzyme, United States
  • Kevin  Appareti, MBA
    Kevin Appareti, MBA Senior Director, Global Medical Science Liaison
    Philips HealthTech, United States
  • Anne  Arvizu, PharmD
    Anne Arvizu, PharmD CEO & Medical Affairs Advisor
    RxER Communications, United States
  • Peter  Baumeister, PhD
    Peter Baumeister, PhD Senior Manager, Global Scientific Communications
    Amgen Inc., United States
  • Kathryn  Bucci, PharmD
    Kathryn Bucci, PharmD Medical Governance Lead
    Pfizer, Inc., United States
  • Stephanie L. Byrdé, BSN, MS, RN
    Stephanie L. Byrdé, BSN, MS, RN Advisor, Scientific Communications, Clinical Pharmacology
    Eli Lilly & Company, United States
  • Ivy Lee Chang, PharmD
    Ivy Lee Chang, PharmD Associate Director, Medical Communications
    Genentech, Inc., A Member of the Roche Group, United States
  • Michael  Church, MA
    Michael Church, MA Senior Director, Medical Writing
    Syneos Health, United States
  • Ed  Cunningham, PharmD
    Ed Cunningham, PharmD Senior Director, Neurology Medical Science Liaison Team Lead
    Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., United States
  • Rebecca  Falcone, PharmD
    Rebecca Falcone, PharmD Global Medical Information Systems Lead, GMI Operations
    Sanofi, United States
  • Maureen  Feeney, PharmD, MBA, RPh
    Maureen Feeney, PharmD, MBA, RPh Head Global Medical Communications
    Shire Pharmaceuticals, United States
  • Kathleen M Guindon, PhD, MS, RN
    Kathleen M Guindon, PhD, MS, RN Director, Clinical Science Liaison
    Puma Biotechnology, United States
  • Jennie G. Jacobson, PhD
    Jennie G. Jacobson, PhD Lead Medical Writer
    Fishawack Communications, United States
  • Craig J. Klinger, RPh
    Craig J. Klinger, RPh MSL Trainer, Office of Medical Professional Development
    Lilly USA, LLC, United States
  • Christi C Marsh, PharmD
    Christi C Marsh, PharmD Director, Medical Affairs, Medical Information and Scientific Communication
    HEMA Biologics, LLC, United States
  • Jeff  Mathews, MPH
    Jeff Mathews, MPH Director, Medical Information
    Gilead Sciences, United States
  • David  Meats
    David Meats Global Scientific and Regulatory Documentation
    Syneos Health, United States
  • David  Price, PhD
    David Price, PhD Global Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Trainer
    Eli Lilly and Company, United States
  • Rebecca A. Vermeulen, RPh
    Rebecca A. Vermeulen, RPh Head, Customer Strategy Global Medical Affairs
    Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Switzerland
  • Robin  Whitsell
    Robin Whitsell President
    Whitsell Innovations, Inc, United States
  • Jim R. Wilkinson, PhD
    Jim R. Wilkinson, PhD Executive Director, Global Medical Affairs
    Amgen, Inc., United States
  • Ann  Winter-Vann, PhD
    Ann Winter-Vann, PhD Senior Medical Writer and Consultant
    Whitsell Innovations, Inc., United States
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