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DIA Europe 2020

DIA Europe 2024 is located at:

Square Brussels Convention Centre
Mont des Arts/Kunstberg
1000 Brussels, Belgium
+32 2 515 13 00
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DIA Europe 2024’s theme is “Sustainability"!

What do we do to reduce our footprint?

The overarching theme of DIA Europe 2024 is “Sustainability”. From the Programme to the operational execution of this conference, DIA is committed to creating sustainable and remarkable experiences that impact the community. As such and reflecting this effort, DIA Europe is going to be one of the few in-person meetings in the EMEA region in 2024, making it the best opportunity to meet your peers, interact with other stakeholder representatives, discuss key topics and collaborate for healthcare innovation.

Explore below practical points that illustrate DIA’s commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability Efforts 
  • Reduce Single-Use Items

    • Since 2018, the most updated version of the conference agenda is available via the “My DIA App” instead of paper.
    • Conference bags have not been produced to reduce waste, and the remaining stock was offered to charity.
    • DIA Europe’s promotion focuses on digital channels, allowing to stop printing promotion materials.
    • To minimize paper waste, DIA utilises digital signage whenever possible.
    • To reduce the amount of waste as much as possible, there is no carpet on the exhibition floor.
    • The delegates’ badges are made from paper without plastic cover and lanyards will be recycled after the conference.
    • The Square Brussels Convention Center accommodates selective waste collection, and sorts and recycles waste that is biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.
    • DIA and the Square aim for zero single-use plastic during DIA Europe 2024.
    • The venue’s infrastructure and equipment help to reduce water consumption, as it uses rainwater to water green areas.
    • DIA encourages all sponsors and exhibitors to reduce the usage of printed promotional materials and single-use plastic, by using electronic means.
    • If paper materials are needed, exhibitors are encouraged to reduce the size and the number of flyers, to print on both sides of the paper and use recycled paper.
    • DIA recommends limiting the giveaways or offer only consumable, free-themed giveaways, and local sustainably made gifts that can be used more than once to reduce waste.
  • Rethink Food & Beverage

    • DIA decided to select mainly vegetarian dishes, with meals containing seasonal and regional products whenever possible.
    • Only reusable or recyclable tableware and cutleries will be used.
    • Extra food that is not served will be donated to local organisations.
  • Reduce Energy Consumption & Lower Carbon Footprint

    • The Square uses 100% green electricity from sustainable sources, operating a smart building.
    • The venue’s team uses electric vehicles in their loading bay, with recharging stations made available for electric vehicles.
    • DIA works with a local supplier to build the exhibition booths, reducing the distance and the number of vehicles involved.
  • Preserve Biodiversity

    • The Square uses ecological cleaning products, avoiding chemicals wherever possible and adapting the quantity of cleaning products and water used in its cleaning, depending on the use of the rooms.
    • The venue invests in projects like “Adopt a Bee”.
  • Brussels as a Sustainable Destination

    • Brussels is well connected and easily reachable by train from various European locations. We encourage all delegates to consider opting for more sustainable ways of travelling, specially from the neighboring countries.
    • DIA encourages attendees to walk, share vehicles or use public transportation within Brussels.
    • More information about Brussels as sustainable destination is available here (GDS-Index 2022 placed Brussels as the 21st most sustainable global destination).

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