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Intercontinental Suzhou

No.288 Wangdun Road, Suzhou Industrial Park | 1.1KM,14 mins for walking

  • Deluxe king room(1ABF) | RMB980
  • Deluxe twin room(2ABF) | RMB1080
  • King with lake view(1ABF) | RMB1180
  • Twin with lake view (2ABF) | RMB1280

Hyatt Regency Suzhou

No.88 Huachi Street | 940M,14 mins for walking

  • King room(1-2ABF)| RMB950
  • Twin room(1-2ABF)| RMB950
  • King room with view(1-2ABF) | RMB1050
  • Twin room with view(1-2ABF) | RMB1050
  • Executive king room(1-2ABF) | RMB1400
  • Executive twin room(1-2ABF) | RMB1400
  • Executive suite(1-2ABF) | RMB2000

Hilton Suzhou

No.275 East Suzhou Avenue
The hotel is seamlessly connected to the Nanshi Street, exit of Line 1, reach the Expo Center in 3 stops

  • Superior king room(1ABF) | RMB850
  • Superior twin room(2ABF) | RMB900
  • King with lake view(1ABF) | RMB900
  • Twin with lake view (2ABF) | RMB950

Renaissance Suzhou

No.229 West Suzhou Avenue,Suzhou Industrial Park | 5KM,13 mins for coach

  • King room(1ABF) | RMB700
  • KTwin room(2ABF) | RMB750

Jinji Lake Garden Hotel Suzhou

Building 8 No.168 Guobin Road | 8KM, 15 mins for coach

  • Deluxe king room(1ABF) | RMB980
  • Deluxe twin room(2ABF) | RMB980

Kempinski Hotel Jinji Lake

No.1 Guobin Road | 8KM,15 mins for coach

  • Deluxe king room(1-2ABF) | RMB980
  • Deluxe twin room(1-2ABF) | RMB980
  • King room with view(1-2ABF) | RMB1080
  • Twin room with view(1-2ABF) | RMB1080

Shangri-La Suzhou Park

No.99 Sian Street Golden concord square | 1.1KM,15 mins for walking

  • Deluxe king room(1ABF)| RMB1000
  • Deluxe twin room(2ABF)| RMB1000

Jinji Lake Shilla Hotel

Modern leisure square Wangdun Road | 1.4KM,20 mins for walking

  • Deluxe king room(1ABF)| RMB600
  • Deluxe twin room(2ABF)| RMB700
  • Executive king room(1ABF)| RMB800
  • Executive twin room(2ABF)| RMB900

Wenbo Novotel Hotel Suzhou

No.688 East Suzhou Avenue,Suzhou Industrial Park | 40M,1 min for walking

  • Superior king room(1ABF)| RMB825
  • Superior twin room(2ABF)| RMB880
  • Deluxe king room(1ABF)| RMB990
  • Deluxe twin room(2ABF)| RMB1045
  • Executive room(1-2ABF)| RMB1155
  • Suite(1-2ABF)| RMB1375

Niccolo Suzhou

Buliding 1 No.409 East Suzhou | 1.3KM,15 mins for walking

  • Deluxe king room(1ABF)| RMB1150
  • Deluxe twin room(2ABF)| RMB1200
  • King with lake view(1ABF)| RMB1450
  • Twin with lake view(2ABF)| RMB1500

Ato Hotel Jinji Lake Expo Center

No.399 East Suzhou Avenue | 1.3KM,15 mins for walking

  • Superior king room(1ABF)| RMB580
  • Superior king room(1ABF)| RMB580


  1. Please make a reservation according to the reservation form or system provided by the hotel. After successful reservation, the hotel will inform you by text message.Please pay room fee in advance/provide credit card to guarantee as requested by the hotel.
  2. If you need to cancel the reservation, please cancel in advance according to the hotel's instructions. The hotel reserves the right to charge the room rate if the latest cancellation time is past.
  3. If the reserved room is fully booked, the hotel reserves the right to cancel your reservation. Please book as soon as possible.
  4. DIA will arrange the shuttle bus for the guides stay in Kempinski, Renaissance and Jinji Lake Garden Hotel.
  5. If you need the reservation form please email to Ann.

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