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Exhibiting at DIA China 2021

The DIA China 2021 Annual Meeting provides an invaluable forum for professionals involved in the discovery, development, and lifecycle management of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and related medical products.

2021 DIA China Annual Meeting will be held in the Suzhou International Expo Center from May 20-23, 2021 with exhibitions opening May 21. This annual meeting will provide opportunities for various companies, including exhibitions, meeting supports, and advertisements on meeting publications.

2020 DIA China Annual Meeting

Booth Rental Fees

  • 3m x 3m  (Hall C3、D3) |  RMB 45,000  |  USD 6,975
    DIA reserves the right to change fixed exchange rate

Additional Opportunities

Support Level Packages

  • Glory Level Supporter
  • Magnificent Level Supporter
  • Top Diamond Level Supporter
  • Diamond Level Supporter
  • Platinum Level Supporter
  • Gold Level Supporter
  • Silver Level Supporter

Conference Support

  • Lunch Exchange Session
  • White Paper Showcase Session
  • New Technology & Products Showcase Session

Other Opportunities

  • Preconference 15s Promotional Clip
  • Signage
  • Attendee Bags
  • Advertising Columns
  • Internet Booth & Recharging Station
  • Footstep Directions
  • Meeting Notebook
  • Advertising Columns
  • Flyer Insert in Attendee Bag
  • Welcome Gifts at Registration Desk
  • Stamp Rally Card
  • Logo on Session Information Board
  • Logo on Exhibition Board
  • Logo on Email
  • On-site Advertisement

Booth Reservations

For booth reservations, please contact China Center for Food and Drug International Exchange below. They are responsible for the DIA China Annual Meeting Booth Sale.

Wanchen Zhang |
86 10 8221 2866*6011

Jihu YANG |
86 10 8221 2866*6005

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