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Track 3: Data and Technology

Innovative technologies are improving efficiency in the collection of data from clinical trials through the product development lifecycle to patients. This track focuses on recent developments in clinical data curation, data development, and harnessing data across the product lifecycle which includes the structure, organization, validation, storage, extraction, and delivery of diverse types of patient data to facilitate review, analysis, and reporting in regulatory submissions. Specifically, the track will have the following as focal points:

  • Structured data sources
  • Data quality
  • Blockchain technology
  • Cloud computing
  • Data standards
  • Real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE)
  • Mobile and wearable technologies
  • Informatic solutions and machine learning
  • Endpoints: Evolving data requirements to support new endpoints
  • Data linkage

DIA recommends this track and associated sessions to professionals involved in: informatics (bio and medical), data standards and quality control (and regulatory standards implementation specialists), data quality, clinical data management, clinical trial design, clinical operations, electronic health records, submissions, and global submissions, health economics outcomes research, biostatistics, medical writing, real-world evidence roles, epidemiology, post-market studies, regulatory affairs and operations, and statistics.

Included Topic Areas

The broad range of data that is generated during biopharmaceutical development, approval, and post-market will be covered in this track including: clinical (including data from electronic health records, wearables, and other mobile apps), and real-world data from large data sets (including registries and national datasets, claims data, and prescription fulfillment.

Priority Topics

  • Harnessing Real-World Data and Real-World Evidence
  • Emerging Technologies and Data Sources
  • Data Source Agility and Risk-Based Approaches
  • Data Sharing and Exchange
  • New and Emerging Standards, Guidance, and Regulations

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