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Student Case Competition Goal and Opportunity

Submit completed proposals no later than March 29, 2024

The DIA Student Case Competition:

  • Fosters further engagement between members of DIA’s Student Chapters, students globally, and DIA.
  • Provides an opportunity for students to propose viable solutions to current challenges throughout the drug development lifecycle; and
  • Provides significant visibility and engagement for the winning team within the regulatory, biopharmaceutical and healthcare products, academic, patient, and contract research organization (CRO) communities

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Each year, DIA will issue one or more specific challenges to which students are invited to respond. The competition will be judged by a committee of esteemed life sciences professionals and/or DIA Fellows. Our DIA Fellows include our most experienced and engaged members that encompass a broad range of expertise.

Finalists and winners will have the opportunity for very high visibility and engagement within the global regulatory, biopharmaceutical and healthcare products, academic, patient, and CRO communities. Representatives from each team of finalists, will be given an opportunity to present their work at DIA’s DIA’s Global Annual Meeting in June 2024, with the award presented to the winning team at that time. The Global Annual Meeting typically draws an audience of several thousand attendees in person, with broad representation from industry, regulators, academia, patient advocates, and thought leaders in the life sciences research and development space.

While at the meeting, finalists will have an opportunity to attend learning sessions, network, and participate in professional development workshops. Finalists will also have a dedicated opportunity to meet and discuss their proposal further with leaders from DIA, biopharmaceutical, healthcare products companies, CROs, and other related organizations, to increase their exposure to decision makers in the field, while also learning more about future career pathways.

In addition, the winning team’s work product will be featured in DIA’s Global Forum, a monthly publication reaching 66,000+ members of the regulatory and industry communities and beyond. Global Forum offers expert global and regional coverage of the discovery, development, regulation, surveillance, access, and marketing of healthcare products, including interviews with thought leaders and topical articles from DIA educational events.

  • 2024 Case Competition and Prompt


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a paradigm shift in the field of drug repurposing, leveraging existing drugs for new therapeutic indications. By analyzing vast datasets, from clinical trials to electronic health records, AI can identify potential new uses for old drugs, often saving time and money compared to developing entirely new drugs from scratch. However, this innovative approach is not without its challenges, especially when it comes to validation, regulatory pathways, and stakeholder acceptance.


    You are the Chief Innovation Officer at BioRedefine Pharmaceuticals, a company that has been at the forefront of traditional drug development for decades. The board has recently greenlit your proposal for Project ReLife, an AI-driven initiative to identify repurposing opportunities for the company's existing drug portfolio.

    In its initial run, Project ReLife has identified three promising repurposing opportunities. However, two of these involve therapeutic areas entirely new to BioRedefine Pharmaceuticals. The third drug, although in a familiar therapeutic area, was previously pulled from the market due to side effects, but AI suggests it could be safe and effective at a lower dose for a different indication.

    With stakeholders, ranging from investors to patients, eagerly anticipating the next steps and a looming shareholder meeting, the onus is on your team to chart a clear path forward.


    Prepare a 20-minute presentation to cover the following:

    1. Understanding Project ReLife:
      • Introduce the AI-driven methodology behind Project ReLife, detailing the data sources and algorithms used
      • Highlight the three drug repurposing opportunities identified
    2. Venturing into New Therapeutic Areas:
      • Analyze the risks and benefits of diversifying into new therapeutic areas based on AI-driven insights
      • Suggest a strategy for building expertise and navigating the unfamiliar path forward, considering regulatory, market, and clinical challenges
    3. Stakeholder Engagement:
      • Design a strategy to keep investors informed and enthused about the potential of drug repurposing and its implications for company growth
      • Outline a patient and physician outreach plan, focusing on education, transparency, and the potential benefits of repurposed drugs
    4. Reintroducing a Previous Drug:
      • Address challenges of reintroducing a drug previously pulled from the market, emphasizing the new AI-derived insights
      • Propose a communication strategy to alleviate concerns and foster trust among healthcare professionals and patients regarding the drug's new indication and safety profile
  • Project Guidelines

    Participating colleges, universities, or DIA Student Chapters are to submit one completed recorded presentation per team (15 min. max voice over for presentation). Please note that each college, university, or DIA Student Chapter can have as many teams as they would like to establish for the case competition. Each team will work toward a solution relating to the given prompt. Any issues that arise throughout the competition and questions chapters may have should be directed to the Student Competition Representatives, Abdallah Elbready ( and Peter Attia ( Please also CC Sorcha McCrohan, Specialist, Scientific Programs at DIA Sorcha McCrohan.

  • Eligibility

    • Teams can be drawn from any accredited college or university based in the United States (including those that have DIA Student Chapters) Canada, Europe, China, Japan, and Latin America. As stated above, please note that each college, university, or DIA Student Chapter can have as many teams as they would like to establish for the case competition.
      • While not required for this Award competition, DIA student membership is available at a discounted rate; information may be found here
      • If you need contact information for a student chapter at your institution or are interested in founding a student chapter at your school, please inquire here
    • Teams should consist of between two and four members, all of whom must be students. Teams may include members from multiple schools within the institution (e.g., Pharmacy, Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Biotechnology, Business).
  • Registration

    Registration for the case competition can be found via the following website and is required for participation. If you have any questions about registration, please contact

  • Submission

    Please register per the registration link above and send completed presentations no later than March 29th, 2024, to Incomplete proposals will not be evaluated.

  • Evaluation Criteria

    Three criteria will be used to evaluate proposals:

    1. Accuracy of content in presentation (20% of evaluation score)
    2. Feasibility of the proposed solution (20% of evaluation score)
    3. Creativity of the proposed solution (20% of evaluation score)
    4. Quality of presentation (20% of evaluation score)
    5. Completeness of presentation (20% of evaluation score)
  • Questions

    Questions about the DIA Student Case Competition should be directed to

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