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High Performance Biopharm Teams


The “SOFT SKILLS” of project management. These are the skills that separate the fast track project leaders from the others.  Everyone talks about them.  But do we really know how to master them? 
Through a variety of interactive and insightful exercises, case studies, and discussions, you will learn to orchestrate a synergistic team environment.
Course Level: Beginner

What you will learn

  • Building & developing high performance teams
  • Navigating through the matrix
  • Building a powerful network & strategic alliances
  • Managing the inevitable conflict
  • Negotiating to win
  • Leading high performance teams

Who should attend?

  • Project managers and sponsors
  • Project leaders and team members
  • Resource managers
  • Third-party suppliers

Learning objectives

Participants who complete this training should be able to:

  • Contribute to an effective team environment to minimize conflicting interests and priorities
  • Produce effective structures to work in virtual and matrix environments
  • Build effective networking opportunities for team members