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Advanced Signal Management - Detection, Evaluation, and Decision-Making

This course will present signal detection and management in the framework of regulatory compliance as well as risk management and risk communication strategies.


  • James  Buchanan, PharmD

    James Buchanan, PharmD

    • Drug Safety Consultant
    • Covilance LLC, United States

    Dr. Buchanan has been in the pharmaceutical industry working in drug safety for over 30 years. He started his career at Genentech and led the drug safety departments at a number of subsequent companies, Gilead Sciences, Tularik and Nuvelo, before serving as the head of the medical and safety consulting group at BioSoteria. Dr. Buchanan is currently president of Covilance, LLC, a drug safety consulting service. He has also been teaching the DIA course on Advanced Signal Detection for a number of years and teaches drug safety at the UC Berkeley Extension program on clinical development.

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