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Essentials of Safety Medical Writing

Everything you need to know to effectively write safety reports.


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  • Online

    Safety Risk Communication for Medical Products

    In this on-demand training course, learn how to enhance the effectiveness of safety risk communication in light of evolving regulatory expectations.

  • Online

    Drug Safety Regulatory Requirements

    Learn more about pharmacovigilance harmonization initiatives and regulatory requirements in the US and EU.

  • Online

    Introduction to Drug Safety

    Develop a foundation of knowledge required to work day-to-day in clinical safety and pharmacovigilance.

  • Online

    Post-Marketing Safety Management

    Learn about safety monitoring requirements for drugs after they are approved for marketing.

  • Online

    Pre-Marketing Clinical Trial Safety

    Learn the framework and details around drug safety requirements for clinical trials for drugs in humans.

  • Online

    Basics of Signal Detection and Pharmacoepidemiology

    Learn the basic concepts of safety signal detection, data mining, and the context for interpreting signaling results.

  • Online

    Drug Safety eLearning Bundle

    Learn about basics of drug safety and safety sciences in this seven module eLearning bundle.

  • Online

    Drug Safety eLearning Program

    Learn about drug safety throughout the medical product development lifecycle from regulations and requirements to pre-market review and post-market monitoring in this six module program.

  • Online

    Safety Audits and Inspections

    Learn about safety audits and inspections with a focus on FDA, EMA, MHRA, and Health Canada inspections.

  • Online

    Benefit-Risk Assessment and Management Across the Lifecycle

    Register for this On-demand Training Course to learn about benefit-risk assessment methods and how to incorporate the patient perspective.

  • Online

    Safety Risk Management: A Focus on EU RMPs and US REMS

    Register for this On-demand Training Course to learn the strategic and operational aspects of global risk management. The on-demand course will cover key concepts, principles, and tools necessary to develop risk management programs.

  • Online

    The Pharmacovigilance Quality Management System

    Register for this On-demand Training Course and learn how to design, develop, and manage a quality system related to your pharmacovigilance system.

  • Online

    Selecting and Managing Outsourced Safety Providers

    This online course provides information on planning a business outsourcing model, best practices for selecting and managing providers, and regulatory authority expectations for pharmacovigilance agreements.

  • Online

    Product Labeling

    Learn how labeling is developed and maintained throughout the product’s marketed life, and the components and structure of prescription labeling.

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